"August 19, Part 3" (八月十九日③ Hachi-gatsu Jū-ku-nichi ③?) is the 28th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on December 26, 2009.


The chapter starts in the S-Processor Pathology Analysis Research Laboratory, with Misaka Mikoto questioning Frenda Seivelun about her friends. Frenda eventually decides to talk, only to realize that being electrocuted has caused her tongue to become numb, rendering her unable to say anything. Mikoto mistakes this for Frenda being loyal to her friends. At that moment, a beam pierces through the wall and passes between the two girls. Entering through the resulting hole are the other two members of ITEM: Mugino Shizuri (the one responsible for the beam) and Takitsubo Rikou. While Mugino is addressing Frenda, Mikoto throws a heater at her using magnetism, which Mugino destroys with her powers. A fight ensues, with Mikoto avoiding Mugino's attacks by clinging to the walls and throwing objects with her powers. Mugino throws a container of Ability Body Crystal to Takitsubo, telling her to use it.

In the S-Processor Cranial Nerve Application Analysis Laboratory, the scientists discuss Nunotaba Shinobu's employment, where they say she is a scapegoat in case this facility is also attacked. They enter the room where they left Shinobu but find it empty. Shinobu has snuck off with a mission of her own.

Back at the other laboratory, Mikoto decides to retreat since her attacks are ineffective against Mugino. However, Takitsubo is able to track her thanks to her ability being boosted by the Body Crystal. With her guidance, Mugino shoots beams through the walls at Mikoto's position. As she flees, Mikoto realizes that she's exhausted from overusing her ability.

Meanwhile, Shinobu works at a computer. She describes her plan as uploading rudimentary emotions to the 'Sisters', hoping that their emotions will not only make them grieve for the losses, but also appeal to the emotions of the scientists, and maybe, to Accelerator himself. During this process, Kinuhata Saiai sneaks up on Shinobu from behind and subdues her. She comments on how Mugino's prediction (that both facilities might be attacked) was correct.

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