"August 19, Part 3" (八月十九日③ Hachi-gatsu Jū-ku-nichi ③?) is the 28th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


The chapter starts with Mikoto questioning Frenda about her friends and as she is, Mugino's Meltdowner pierces through the wall, narrowly missing Mikoto. While Mugino is addressing Frenda, Mikoto throws a heater with her magnetism, which Mugino destroys with her powers. A fight ensues, with Mikoto avoiding Mugino's attacks by clinging to the walls and throwing objects with her powers.

In the other laboratory containing the 'Sisters', the scientists discuss Shinobu's employment, where they say she is a scapegoat. They enter the room where they left Shinobu, but she's already left, wanting to do "that".

Consuming the Ability Body Crystal, Takitsubo Rikou watches the fight, with Mikoto's 'railguns' being bent away by Mugino. Destroying a steamer, Mikoto disappears in the steam, but Rikou already has memorised her AIM diffusion field, allowing her to follow Mikoto's movements through the walls. As Mikoto's energy is depleting, she barely avoids Mugino's attacks, which go through the solid walls.

Shinobu describes her plan as uploading rudimentary emotions to the 'Sisters', hoping that their emotions will not only make them grieve for the losses, but also appeal to the emotions of the scientists, and maybe, the Accelerator himself. In the middle of uploading, Shinobu is stopped and the chapter ends with Saiai restraining Shinobu and revealing her face.

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