"August 19, Part 4" (八月十九日③ Hachi-gatsu Jū-ku-nichi ③?) is the 29th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


The chapter opens with Misaka Mikoto running away from both Frenda Seivelun's and Mugino Shizuri's attacks, whilst still being tracked down by Takitsubo Rikou's AIM Stalker.

In the other laboratory, Kinuhata Saiai is restraining Nunotaba Shinobu. Shinobu thinks to herself if her plan would even work, since the clones would have trouble integrating into normal society, but is inspired by Mikoto's actions and decides to upload her emotion data anyway. Kinuhata quickly smashes the computer but doesn't make it in time to stop the installation. However, the unique clone Last Order stops the data from being received by the Misaka Network. Shinobu escapes from the thug restraining her and steals his gun. She tries threatening Kinuhata into leaving, eventually shooting when she doesn't react (though she aims for the arm instead of a vital part), but the bullet is stopped by Kinuhata's ability. Shinobu is knocked unconscious and Kinuhata orders one thug to carry her upstairs. Another thug peers into the room containing Last Order, causing Kinuhata to warn him against looking at things unrelated to the job. The thug carrying Shinobu asks what her fate will be, to which Kinuhata responds that she won't be killed but her future is bleak.

The rest of ITEM continues pursuing Mikoto, though Mugino notes that both Takitsubo and Mikoto are getting tired. Mikoto eventually bends one of Mugino's beams, causing her to realise their powers are similar and Mugino to realise her identity. At this moment, Takitsubo collapses and Frenda, when she tries to help her, also feels pain from her own injuries. Mugino orders Frenda and Rikou to leave, wanting to single-handedly beat Mikoto and receive all the glory. At the same time, Mikoto notes that she doesn't have the strength to fight head-on, then she sees Frenda's explosive dolls and wonders if she can use them.

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