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"August 19, Part 5" (八月十九日⑤ Hachi-gatsu Jū-ku-nichi ⑤?) is the 30th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on March 27, 2010.


The chapter opens with Frenda Seivelun and Takitsubo Rikou stumbling out from the S-Processor Pathology Analysis Research Laboratory and boarding their truck, intending to join up with Kinuhata Saiai at the other laboratory. Takitsubo apologizes for her own condition forcing both of them to retreat, so Frenda reassures her. Takitsubo says that ITEM is the only place she belongs, but Frenda replies that she should ideally find another place to belong to. Frenda suddenly exclaims that she forgot to collect her bombs.

Back at the laboratory, Misaka Mikoto (carrying Frenda's explosive dolls) walks into the central room where Mugino Shizuri is waiting. Mikoto throws a doll at Mugino and detonates it, causing Mugino to create a shield with her ability. Mikoto throws another doll and makes it change direction to prevent Mugino intercepting it, revealing that she inserted metal in the doll so she could control it with magnetism. Mugino fires rapidly to destroy the doll, only for Mikoto to reveal a large number of dolls. However, Mugino uses her Silicon Burn technique, using silicon cards to split up her beams into multiple ones, destroying the wave of dolls. Mikoto charges at Mugino while floating her last remaining doll, which Mugino destroys. In the ensuing smoke, Mugino is unable to see the last doll, which Mikoto hid behind her back, until she is inside the bomb's blast radius. Mikoto sends off a spark to detonate the doll, which Mugino redirects, but Mikoto then makes the metal-filled doll collide with Mugino's head to knock her out.

Having won the battle, Mikoto walks into the central command centre and destroys everything. As she begins to leave, she realizes that Mugino isn't at the site of the battle and is attacked from behind. Mikoto dodges Mugino's beams, only to be kicked in the gut and sent across the room. Mikoto flees with an enraged Mugino in pursuit. Mugino receives a call from Kinuhata, explaining that the relocation preparations in their facility are finished. Mugino tells Kinuhata's group to go ahead alone and leaves a message for Frenda: "Prepare to be punished".

Mugino catches up with Mikoto on a suspended walkway and mocks her for not fighting back. Out of energy even to fire a Railgun, Mikoto talks about the difficulties she had with fighting Frenda, especially the traps she set everywhere. Mugino realizes that Frenda's fuselines are all over the walkway and, just as Mikoto ignites them, curses Frenda. The walkway collapses, with Mikoto grabbing onto a ledge and throwing down a cable to help Mugino. Mugino destroys the cable and softens her landing with her ability, then resumes trying to attack Mikoto. She then wonders what Mikoto was doing here and threatens a scientist for the information, resulting in her learning about the Level 6 Shift Project. Laughing, Mugino lets Mikoto go, wanting her to fall deeper into the dark side of Academy City.

The next day, Mikoto observes the S-Processor Cranial Nerve Application Analysis Laboratory and discovers that it has been abandoned. She believes that the project is over and, although there's still a lot she needs to do, the Sisters will no longer have to die. The chapter ends with Mikoto looking at Kamijou Touma having trouble with a vending machine.

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