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"August 21, Part 2" (八月二十一日② Hachi-gatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi ②?) is the 34th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


The chapter opens with Misaka Mikoto in despair, after learning about the destruction of the Tree Diagram, now unable to think of any way to stop the Level 6 Shift Project. In frustration and desperation, Mikoto attacks the nearest of the institutes involved in the project, terrifying the staff. She stops upon seeing a live feed of Accelerator attacking and killing Misaka 10031 in an alleyway.

At the Tokiwadai Dormitory, Shirai Kuroko despairs over Mikoto's strange behavior in the morning and throughout the week, thinking that it was only around Kamijou Touma that Mikoto seemed normal. She reluctantly thinks that she would be perhaps willing to accept Touma's help. The doorbell rings and Kuroko discovers that the visitor is Touma, here to talk to Mikoto.

Mikoto is next shown leaning over the railing of a bridge, thinking about past events: her being tricked into giving her DNA map, Kiyama Harumi's words, and Accelerator's killing of Misaka 10031. She says weakly, "Help... Me". Misaka 10032's cat snaps her out of her thoughts and she sees Touma approaching her. Mikoto puts on a brave face, trying to brush off Touma's serious demeanor, but is quickly stopped by the documents he pulls out (which contains information on the Level 6 Shift Project). Still acting casually, Mikoto asks Touma what he thinks of her. Touma tells her that he is obviously worried, much to the disbelief of the trembling Mikoto.

Now openly showing her feelings, Mikoto describes how the Sisters treat themselves like guinea pigs and tells Touma about her plan to have a show-down with Accelerator. Touma stops her, asking if she can or even intends to win. Mikoto replies that she will deliberately lose on the first move to contradict Tree Diagram's predictions, hoping that this will make the researchers review the project. The chapter ends with Touma coming to the realization that Mikoto is planning to die, Misaka 10032's cat playing in the background.

Major Events

  • Touma learns about the Level 6 Shift Project and confronts Mikoto about it.

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