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"August 21, Part 3" (八月二十一日③ Hachi-gatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi ③?) is the 35th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


The chapter opens with Misaka Mikoto explaining her plan to Kamijou Touma: she'll lose to Accelerator on the first move, making the researchers of the Level 6 Shift Project believe there was an error in Tree Diagram's calculations and, since Tree Diagram was destroyed earlier, they can't make recalculations and should stop the project. Mikoto starts walking away, but is stopped by Touma, who refuses to let her enter a fight with the intention of dying. Mikoto destroys the document in Touma's hand as a threat.

With Touma still refusing to get out of the way, Mikoto challenges Touma to a fight. Touma raises his hands and refuses to fight back, much to Mikoto's surprise. Mikoto, enraged by Touma's idealistic outlook, attacks him. Touma doesn't negate the attack and is electrocuted, then slowly gets back up, telling Mikoto that he won't move aside because her plan won't save the Sisters. Mikoto shouts at him, arguing that she doesn't have the right to live in even a world where everyone could be happy; Touma rebuts that the remaining Sisters will not see it that way and that they will not be saved that way. Mikoto's desperation and anger over her actions escalates, with her recalling Misaka 10031, and when Touma refuses to move out of the way, she attacks with even greater lightning. Afterwards, she sees Touma lying unconscious on the ground.

Touma wakes up in Mikoto's lap, with Misaka 10032's cat mewing on the side. Mikoto begins crying, some of her tears landing on Touma, and he smiles, saying "How great it is to be your ally". He gets up, telling Mikoto his plan of fighting Accelerator, destroying Accelerator's image of being the strongest Esper by having him lose to the weakest Level 0. Mikoto begs him to stop, saying that he can't beat Accelerator. Touma persists, telling Mikoto that he'll bring back Misaka 10032.

Still injured, Touma runs all the way to the switchyard in School District 17, where the next experiment is taking place. He spots a heavily injured Misaka 10032 lying on the ground. Accelerator is confused by the arrival of an unrelated civilian. Misaka 10032 asks why he's here, causing Accelerator to stomp her head back to the ground. The chapter ends with Touma shouting at Accelerator to move away from Misaka 10032, aggravating him.

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