"August 21, Part 4" (八月二十一日④ Hachi-gatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi ④?) is the 36th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


The chapter continues from the last, with Kamijou Touma yelling at Accelerator to get away from Misaka 10032. Bemused, Accelerator throws her towards Touma, who catches the Sister moments before her head hits the ground. Misaka 10032 doesn't understand why he's helping her, since she is a clone that can easily be recreated. Touma says that this doesn't matter, she is unique and he's here to help her. He stands up to fight the Accelerator, to the disapproval of Misaka 10032.

Touma talks to Accelerator to confirm that he hasn't been forced into participating in the Level 6 Shift Project, then charges at him. Accelerator attacks him with gravel and then pieces of railway track. After a flurry of attacks, he drops cargo boxes on Touma, who stands up despite the attacks. Accelerator is confused by Touma's persistence and uses flour from the containers to cause a dust explosion. Touma flees but is still injured by the explosion. Emerging from the smoke, Accelerator decides to end the battle and charges at Touma, intent on reversing his blood flow and bioelectricity with a touch.

Meanwhile, Misaka Mikoto is still on the bridge, thinking to herself about the improbability of Touma's win against Accelerator's seemingly unbreakable defence. Misaka 10032's cat snaps her out of her thoughts and she smiles at it. Deciding she can't leave this issue to anyone else, she picks up the cat and heads towards the battle.

Accelerator finds himself lying on the ground, bleeding, while Touma is still alive. He realizes that he has been hit. Enraged, he again rushes at Touma, who slaps away his arm and punches him again.

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