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"August 21, Part 5" (八月二十一日⑤ Hachi-gatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi ⑤?) is the 37th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Kamijou Touma punches Accelerator to the ground, to the amazement of Misaka Mikoto. Misaka 10032's cat is briefly shown sitting on top of an air conditioning unit. Accelerator's attempts to counterattack are dodged, while Touma continues punching him again and again. Touma tells Accelerator that he got involved in something he shouldn't have, that the Sisters lived their lives the best they could.

These words cause Accelerator to remember the first experiment of the Level 6 Shift Project. After easily beating up Misaka 1, he asked the researchers if this was really the clone of a Level 5. The researchers replied that the clones would learn over the course of the experiment (due to their shared memories), making them more challenging opponents. They told him that he could leave once he finished off Misaka 1, reassuring him that the clones were only dolls made from drugs and proteins. Accelerator then remembers several other experiments.

Back to the present, Accelerator decides that he needs more power. He uses his ability to create a whirlwind, throwing Touma away and causing considerable destruction to the switchyard. Mikoto watches in horror as Touma falls to the ground, bloodied and unconscious. Accelerator declares that his control over the wind makes him unstoppable. Mikoto aims a coin at Accelerator and orders him not to move, hoping to save Touma and sacrifice her life to stop the experiment. However, Accelerator focuses on compressing the air to create a massive ball of plasma. Mikoto has an idea to stop this, but it needs the help of the Misaka Network. She begs Misaka 10032 to wake up and she does.

All over Academy City, the Sisters use their abilities to turn the wind turbines.

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  • What is Mikoto planning to do with the wind turbines?




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