"August 21, Part 6" (八月二十一日⑥ Hachi-gatsu Ni-jū-ichi-nichi ⑥?) is the 38th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on December 27, 2010.


Accelerator cackles over his new ability to control the atmosphere. He sarcastically thanks the unconscious Kamijou Touma for helping him grow stronger (by acting as a strong opponent) and prepares to finish him off. However, the plasma ball he was forming disperses, due to interference from the Sisters. Misaka Mikoto asks Misaka 10032 to call a few of the other Sisters to the battlefield, as she plans on causing a diversion to let the Sisters escape. However, Misaka 10032 proposes using herself as a diversion so that Mikoto can take Touma and escape. Misaka 10032 looks at Touma, who regains consciousness and clenches his fist.

Accelerator is confused, but eventually realises that the Sisters worked together to make the city's wind turbines spin and hence create an artificial wind that disrupted his plasma. He attempts to attack Misaka 10032, causing Mikoto to step in between them. Accelerator asks why she and Touma are trying to protect the clones. Mikoto simply declares that the clones are her own sisters, then takes out a coin and prepares to fight. Accelerator laughs, saying that he is the strongest Level 5 and he'll simply kill both of them. However, the two girls are surprised by something behind Accelerator, causing him to turn around and see Touma standing up.

Accelerator is temporarily frozen in place by fear. He reassures himself, thinking that Touma is almost dead and can be killed with a single touch. Accelerator charges at Touma, who dodges his first attack, knocks away his second, and prepares to strike back. Accelerator thinks back to his past: his power caused major destruction when first used, he worried that it could potentially destroy everything, and he came to the conclusion (partly due to being manipulated by researchers) that he could only stop this by gaining an absolute power that would stop anyone from challenging him again. He sees a vision of himself surrounded by dead Sisters and realises that this plan only caused him to hurt more people. Touma knocks Accelerator out with a punch, then falls unconscious himself.

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  • As Touma regains consciousness, various scenes from previous chapters in the Sisters Arc are shown.

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