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"The Iron Bridge is a Sign of Love" (鉄橋は恋の合図 Tekkyō wa Koi no Aizu?) is a special chapter after Chapter 39 of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series. It is the epilogue to the Sisters Arc.


Saten Ruiko and Misaka Mikoto are making cookies in the former's apartment. Saten asks why Mikoto is borrowing her oven instead of using the Tokiwadai Dormitory's superior equipment. Mikoto's reply (that it would attract too much attention) causes Saten to deduce that it's someone she'd be troubled to reveal (i.e. a boy Mikoto is interested in). Saten chuckles at Mikoto's embarrassment and says she's happy that Mikoto has cheered up. She then teases Mikoto about whether this is due to the rumoured boyfriend, causing Mikoto to stumble back and knock the ingredients off the counter.

Mikoto heads off, thinking about how she's going to give the cookies to Kamijou Touma. At that moment, Touma approaches, walking with crutches. After some initial banter, Mikoto tries to thank him for the help, but she stutters and causes him to think she's talking about ants on the ground. Touma is about to walk off and bids her goodbye with his usual nickname for her. Mikoto exasperatedly tells him her real name, so he repeats his goodbye and addresses her as "Misaka". After Touma leaves, Kuroko teleports in. She worries about Mikoto's condition and explains that the Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor is angry at her for staying out the previous night. Mikoto thanks Kuroko for the warning, but gets angry at her when Kuroko reveals she used Judgment equipment to track her location. Mikoto runs off. Kuroko says that she thought something was wrong with Mikoto because she'd made an expression Kuroko had never seen before.

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