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"Negotiation" (交渉 Kōshō?) is the 43rd chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series. It is the first chapter of the Railgun side of the Daihasei Festival Arc


The Daihaseisai planning committee is trying to get the Level 5s to take part in the festival's opening ceremony. Various people are sent out to find the Level 5s and persuade them.

A sunglasses-wearing man approaches Accelerator in a dark alley. He tries to bring up the Daihaseisai, but Accelerator beats him up and walks away without listening.

A committee girl approaches Watanabe, Misaka Mikoto's agent. However, Watanabe turns down the offer due to the unsavory rumors around Mikoto (some due to her own actions, like kicking a vending machine, while others are due to the actions of her Sisters).

Back at the committee office, the previous girl apologizes for her failure in recruiting Mikoto, causing her superior to say it was his responsibility for considering Mikoto a safe bet. He mentions that the negotiator sent to Accelerator was found in a state of near-death. He then asks about Yamane, a colleague who was sent to find the #6 Level 5. Yamane comes in at that very moment and says he couldn't find any sign of the #6, which the leader expected.

At SCHOOL's headquarters, Yobou Banka enters to find the place so wrecked that he thinks there was an enemy attack. The girl in the dress, corrects him, saying that Kakine Teitoku went berserk after being contacted about the Daihaseisai. The group's usual agent had called them via laptop and Kakine refused, eventually saying that such things were only for brats who still believe in hard work and hope. The agent had pointed out that Kakine (with his angelic wings) would appeal visually to such people. Yobou laughs at this, but quickly stops when Kakine gets angry at him.

ITEM is having fun at a swimming pool when Mugino Shizuri receives a call from her liaison about the Daihaseisai. As with Kakine, Mugino angrily refuses (not wanting their faces to be made public) and her liaison teases her over it. Frenda Seiveluin says she'll do it instead, causing Mugino to hit her and remind her that she's also part of the dark side.

In an outdoor cafe, Shokuhou Misaki is having a meal with her clique and one of the clique members conveys the Daihaseisai request to her. Misaki is unsure of whether to do it or not. Misaki tries eating an eclair but Hokaze Junko stops her, as she's already had one and Junko doesn't want her to gain weight. Seated at an adjacent table is Keitz Nokleben, who suggests that Misaki accept the request so that she becomes the focus of attention and hence makes it easier for him to move around. Misaki's clique stand up to confront Keitz, causing Misaki to control them into leaving. Keitz reveals that he has information about something he and Misaki talked about earlier, but refuses to reveal it as it's not something she needs to be concerned with. Misaki asks if he's testing her comprehension. Keitz says that the hard part of this job is getting the client to trust them, and would appreciate Misaki's help with this.

At Sogiita Gunha's school, a committee member talks to a teacher and learns that Gunha hasn't been seen at school for several days. The teacher accepts the request in Gunha's place, since Gunha isn't the type to turn down such requests.

In the end, Misaki and Gunha are decided on as the two Level 5s who will handle the opening ceremony. However, the planning committee has a bad feeling about this.

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