"Trust" (信頼 Shinrai?) is the 49th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Misaka Mikoto is shocked that her friends have forgotten her. Shirai Kuroko offers to hear her troubles as a member of Judgment, but Mikoto declines. Once they've left, Mikoto is furious at Shokuhou Misaki for altering her friends' memories. While she wonders what to do, Misaki's clique tells her that it's time to prepare for the next event.

Kongou Mitsuko walks around with Wannai Kinuho and Awatsuki Maaya. They happen to meet Kuroko's group and talk to them. Kuroko mentions her encounter with Mikoto and thus reveals that she no longer considers her a friend. This leaves Kongou and her friends confused, with Maaya wondering if Kuroko and Mikoto had a fight. Afterwards, Kuroko asks when Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko became acquainted with Kongou. They point out that it happened when Kongou visited Kuroko in the hospital, which confuses Kuroko further since she isn't that close with Kongou. They remember that Kongou was with a fellow acquaintance but can't remember who.

Mikoto takes part in the Balloon Sandwich event, with Kongou as her partner. Kongou reveals that she knew about 10032 replacing Mikoto in the previous Balloon Hunter event, though she mistakes the clone for Mikoto's twin sister. The event begins and Kongou explains how she realised 10032 wasn't Mikoto. Other teams decide to ally against the Tokiwadai pair but are defeated offscreen. Mikoto decides to ask Kongou for help and tells her what Misaki has done. Horrified at Misaki's actions, Kongou agrees to investigate the matter while Mikoto keeps Misaki's clique occupied. The two of them win the event. Kongou warns Mikoto to be careful since Misaki may have already brainwashed her or may do so in the future. She declares that she will bring Mikoto's "sister" back and heads off. Mikoto is congratulated by Misaki's clique for winning the event. Kongou runs through the streets while thinking about what Misaki is planning.

In an unknown location, 10032 is unwell and lying in bed. Misaki watches her.

In a truck, Baba Yoshio receives an order to perform an investigation. While complaining about how hard they make him work, he looks at a number of dog-like robots.

Mikoto looks at her phone and hopes that Kongou won't get into danger. Hokaze Junko asks her about the phone, and Mikoto initially worries that she's become suspicious until Junko elaborates by asking if Mikoto's phone is the Lovely Mitten Gekota Model. Junko reveals that she has the same model and the two of them discuss Gekota. Junko offers to give Mikoto a rare Gekota item in exchange for her giving her all for the day's events. Mikoto almost agrees but then stops herself, considering it to be a trap.


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  • What is Misaki planning to do with Misaka 10032?



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