"Flaw" (瑕疵 Kashi?) is the 53rd chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Misaka Mikoto approaches Baba Yoshio's trailer, noting that Baba himself has already escaped. She finds no information in the truck's computers. She wonders if she could locate the hideout of Baba's group using security camera footage, since a truck this size could only drive on main roads.

Back at the hospital, Shokuhou Misaki's clique heads out to search for Mikoto or to go to their next event. They mention not being able to contact their "Queen" since last night. Saten (holding Misaka 10032's cat) is curious about who this "Queen" is and asks Awatsuki Maaya, who explains it as a title of Shokuhou Misaki. Wannai Kinuho leaves Kongou Mitsuko's room and explains that Kongou has no external wounds that are likely to scar and the nanodevice they retrieved will be sent to a special facility (where it would implicitly be analysed to allow Kongou to be treated). The three of them then leave the hospital to meet with an Animal-type Psychometrist to have the cat analysed. The Psychometrist discovers that, at midday yesterday, the cat was near a girl collapsed on the ground, a tall man and a second girl. The latter two people were talking and mentioned the phrase "Auribus oculi fideliores sunt". Kinuho asks Saten to convey this information to Mikoto and then she and Maaya leave. Saten is surprised to find Mikoto's number already in her phone's list of contacts.

Misaka Misuzu is walking through the streets when she encounters Uiharu Kazari, who is helping out a lost child. Uiharu explains how the entrance IDs given to all visitors to the city have GPS functionality, after which the child's father comes to pick him up. Misuzu praises this system. The two are unaware that behind them is a hooded Kouzaku Mitori, who comments that it's also easy to locate a specific visitor by hacking the GPS system. She says that it couldn't hurt to have two hostages instead of one.

Saten Ruiko calls out Shirai Kuroko to explain how Mikoto might be a friend of theirs. She suspects that Misaki altered their memories to make them forget Mikoto. She calls Mikoto, currently running around to check the cameras, and passes on the information about her "little sister". Saten also wants to ask if they know each other and sends Kuroko to bring Mikoto to where they are. At that moment, Mitori approaches Mikoto. The Level 5 says she has no time for strangers, except for those connected to the one who hurt Kongou. Mitori reveals that she has an unconscious Uiharu as a hostage.

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  • Electromaster (Railgun-variant) - Misaka Mikoto, Level 5
  • Psychometry - Animal-type Psychometrist from Tokiwadai (unnamed)



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