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"In the Same Boat" (同舟 Dōshū?) is the 55th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Misaka Mikoto uses her power through Uiharu Kazari's computer to restore the deleted data on the Urban Legends website. They discover that one of the urban legends is about a DNA computer that can give psychic powers, located in a secret research institution in School District 2, and that Shokuhou Misaki was seen at this institution.

Mikoto heads to District 2 and finds Misaki waiting there for her. She asks where Misaka 10032 is and Misaki confirms that she's in the institution. Misaki then says that she's willing to talk and has Mikoto follow her.

In a flashback, Misaki and Keitz Nokleben find the unconscious 10032. After examining her, Keitz says that she was incapacitated by a military nanodevice and it could be difficult to heal her due to the possibility of 10032's electricity powers interfering. Misaki says that she'll get Mikoto's help if the nanodevice proves to be life-threatening. Keitz notices 10032's cat, which runs off, and Misaki says to leave it. Misaki then complains about how the manager of the website has a psychic photography power that let them photograph Misaki, despite her security measures. Keitz tells her not to worry as he has a program that will create dummy sites to hide this particular website. Later, Keitz discovers that someone has managed to find the website. Misaki scolds him, but Keitz reveals that he has set it up so that anyone who achieved this can be traced. The location is the 177th branch office of Judgment, to which Misaki implicitly went in order to cover up the information leak.

While travelling in the back of a truck, Mikoto and Misaki discuss the situation. Misaki promises to return 10032 once this issue is over. Mikoto asks about the other group searching for the Sisters. Misaki explains that they are her enemy and that the two of them are currently heading to where their boss is. She explains how she heard of the Level 6 Shift Project from the researchers at a lab she visits, causing her to hire Keitz (a former security advisor for the project) and from him learn of the other group. She and Mikoto come to the conclusion that the other group is aiming for the Misaka Network. Misaki reveals that she has used her ability to ensure that the Network can't be infected by a virus even if a Sister is captured. She then reveals that the mastermind behind all this is Kihara Gensei, an infamous scientist who was the primary proponent of the Level 6 Shift Project. Mikoto then brings up Misaki's manipulation of her friends' memories. Misaki replies that she did this because they would get killed if they got involved and this could interfere with her plan. Mikoto demands to know why Misaki didn't just tell her from the start, to which Misaki responds that she didn't want to work with someone whose mind she cannot read. Misaki refuses to answer Mikoto's final question: why is she protecting the Sisters? The two of them are about to arrive at their destination.

Adapted To


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New Abilities

  • Unknown psychic photography ability which uses water a droplet as lens



Unanswered Questions

  • What is the hidden aspect of the Misaka Network which Gensei wishes to use?



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