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"Divide and Conquer" (分進 Bunshin?) is the 56th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Shokuhou Misaki and Misaka Mikoto get out of the truck, the former also releasing the truck's driver from her control. The two of them begin jogging through an alley towards the conference hall, their destination. While jogging, Mikoto thinks about what Kihara Gensei is planning. She then realises that Misaki is no longer in sight and momentarily thinks she was set up. However, an exhausted Misaki catches up to her - she simply hadn't been able to keep up with Mikoto's pace. Mikoto comments on Misaki's lack of athleticism, which leads to a childish argument between the two. After exhausting themselves arguing, they decide to split up and work separately.

A security guard patrols outside the conference hall. A nearby security robot traps him in a net, having been hacked by Mikoto. The Level 5 takes the guard's tablet computer to check a map of the hall. She uses her Railgun to break in.

Misaki hears the resulting explosion and comments on Mikoto acting uncivilised. She is spotted by more guards and takes control of them. She orders them to seal all exits that people could escape through. She extends her control to a number of scientists, preventing them from calling for help.

Meanwhile, Shirai Kuroko and Saten Ruiko are sitting in the Judgment 177 Branch Office. Saten thinks back to how Mikoto left the office while telling the two of them to wait. Kuroko tells her not to worry, but Saten remains worried. Saten asks Kuroko what she's looking at, so she reveals that she's looking at a list of espers from the Bank to learn about the person who took Uiharu Kazari hostage. She reluctantly shares this information with Saten.

While sitting on the roof of a building, Kouzaku Mitori gives a report to Gensei. She reports that the person who stole information from MEMBER's villa was actually Misaki. Gensei reveals that he already knew this and is surprised Mitori didn't know. He goes on to say that things are going well and tells Mitori to prepare.

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