"Suspicion" (疑心 Gishin?) is the 58th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Kamijou Touma looks for a protective charm for one of the Daihasei Games. Coincidently, Saten Ruiko arrives and she also has what Kamijou is looking for. She hesitates before giving him her charm. Kamijou takes it with his left hand, since he's afraid he'll negate the charm's "power". They agree to meet in front of a station in an hour so he can give Saten her charm back. Saten suggests that if he can't find her then if he could give it to Judgement's 177th branch office. They exchange names and leave.

Shirai Kuroko and Uiharu Kazari are continuing their investigation at a library. They discover that Kouzaku Mitori is dead according to the records. Apparently, the cause of death was heart failure. Kuroko finds it odd that her body was incinerated immediately after she was found. The librarian interrupts and says that she might've not have had a body since they were probably trying to hide something. The librarian even thinks that she might not even be dead. She goes into the rumor of Academy City's juvenile halls and explains that students have been disappearing. The guards ignored this issue and they found it odd that only high-level espers or excellent students would disappear. People say that Academy City makes deals with the students and releases them in secret.

Saten enters the Shinohara Liquid Material Factory and finds out that it isn't abandoned: there are a couple of people doing things here, the factory has electricity, and there's an entrance which vehicles can't access. As the entrance closes Saten makes a dash for it, but then questions herself why she came in. She tries to call Uiharu but is forced to run when she notices people approaching. Eventually, a mysterious girl (Xochitl in disguise) captures Saten, holds a sword to her neck and tells her to forget everything she saw and leave. Saten turns to leave, but then realizes that she can't get out. Saten turns around, causing a surprise attack directed at her to miss and hit her backpack. This attack was done by Mitori's puppet, which was hiding in the air vent and it scares Saten into fleeing. The puppet asks Xochitl why she let Saten get away, and she replies that the "plan" is in its final stage and there's no way anyone can interfere. Mitori still wants to kill her, so she orders a subordinate to find and capture Saten. Xochitl complains to herself that Saten shouldn't be so careless. She then notices a message from the Professor.

Meanwhile, Shokuhou Misaki uses her ability to ask Kihara Gensei about the project. She notices that this is a body double and pulls off his mask. To Misaka Mikoto's confusion, Misaki starts running off. Misaki thinks about a memory that had been in the fake's head: Gensei, after ordering the man to act as his double, said to Misaki (knowing that she would be reading this memory) that she won't be able to protect Exterior if she's in a different place. Misaki is disturbed by the fact that Gensei knows about Exterior.

Saten is caught. Mitori orders her subordinates to interrogate Saten and then dispose of her. However, Xochitl knocks out the subordinates, freeing Saten.

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  • Saten sneaks into Shinohara Liquid Material Factory and is caught, only for Xochitl to start helping her.
  • Misaki and Mikoto discover that they haven't captured Gensei after all, and Gensei is pursuing Exterior.


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  • Librarian


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  • Aztec magic - Xochitl


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  • What is Exterior?


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