"Reminiscence" (追憶 Tsuioku?) is the 59th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Kouzaki Mitori asks (through her puppet) Xochitl why she's betraying MEMBER. Xochitl responds that Mitori is the real traitor, having learned this from the Professor, and declares her intent to punish her. She tells Mitori that she's not safe (despite not being physically present) as she isn't aware of all of her spells. Mitori believes this to be a bluff but acknowledges that Xochitl's power comes from outside Academy City and could do something unexpected. She decides to retreat, warning Xochitl to leave the city if she wants to live much longer. Xochitl refuses. After Mitori's puppet disappears, Saten Ruiko tries to thank Xochitl only to receive a blow to the head. An angry Xochitl tells Saten not to carelessly approach the dark side. She then leads Saten towards the exit.

Shokuhou Misaki and Misaka Mikoto leave the conference hall and get into a car. While moving, they discuss Kihara Gensei's plans. They are briefly held up by a traffic jam, forcing Misaki to use Exterior to expand her power so she can control all the drivers and create a gap. Mikoto is confused, as Misaki shouldn't be this powerful. Misaki thinks back on her past.

Misaki used to be the subject of a laboratory researching her power. They tested her power by having her control a researcher into eating an apple (which he hates) by making him think it was a melon. After this test, Misaki was brought to a strange girl - Dolly. Misaki learned that Dolly had a disease that meant she needed extensive cybernetic to live. Dolly explained that she used to have a friend, but that friend happened to see Dolly's implants one day and then stopped coming. The researchers asked Misaki to pretend to be that friend (by using her power to manipulate Dolly), since they were having trouble studying Dolly while she was in shock. This succeeded, with Dolly happily calling Misaki "Mi-chan" (the nickname she used for her former friend).

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  • Mitori is revealed to be a traitor to MEMBER.


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  • Mental Out with Exterior - Shokuhou Misaki, Level 5




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  • Who was "Mi-chan"?


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