"SYSTEM" is the 61st chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Keitz Nokleben is sitting by Misaka 10032 and sees her regain consciousness. He explains that they're in a certain building in District 2. 10032 asks if he looked after her, but Keitz denies this and says it's just part of his job. 10032 falls asleep again. Keitz hears an alarm sound.

Thirty minutes later, Shokuhou Misaki and Misaka Mikoto find that a jamming signal is being emitted, preventing them from using their phones. In front of them is a set of doors with a hole torn through them. Mikoto says that she will be going with Misaki even if she (Misaki) doesn't want to, since 10032 is in the building. Misaki agrees, saying that she may need Mikoto's ability.

They enter the building. They encounter more doors with holes, but no other people nor any unmanned weapons. Mikoto asks where the staff are and Misaki guesses that they weren't killed, since they are needed to maintain Exterior. She then explains that Exterior is officially a booster for her power, and its original purpose was to make her power usable by anyone. She also explains that this Exterior was originally a research institution called Clone Dolly that was meant to artificially produce geniuses, and the discovery of Misaki's ability caused a change in focus to brainwashing existing geniuses, though eventually Misaki took over the project for her own purposes. Finally, she reveals that Exterior is a giant brain cultivated from a portion of her own. Mikoto asks if Kihara Gensei is planning to use Exterior. Misaki says that it takes several days to register with Exterior before one can use it, then wonders what Gensei is planning. She is about to bring Mikoto to 10032, only to receive a call from Keitz.

An exhausted Keitz reveals that he and 10032 are on the roof of the building. He says that the attackers were skilled special forces, so he was probably led to the roof, and warns Misaki to be careful. Misaki reassures him, saying she has Mikoto on her side. Suddenly, Exterior throbs and Misaki falls to her knees. Gensei approaches Keitz from behind and immobilises him using the power of Mental Out. Gensei takes Keitz' phone and asks if Misaki really thought a complex registration process would prevent Exterior being hijacked. He reveals that he tune Exterior to have the same brain waves as his own to let him use it without registering. Misaki and Mikoto exchange a glance, then the latter runs off. Gensei uses his new power to release the protection on the Sisters, then sends a virus into the Misaka Network.

As Sisters in various locations collapse, streams of black energy fill the sky above Academy City. Keitz and Mikoto are both unnerved, while Gensei is pleased. Mikoto reaches the roof and is enraged at the sight of the collapsed 10032. Gensei speaks of "Aleister-kun's favorite", hidden in the shadows of the main plan, and announces his intention to awaken their sleeping power using Mikoto's body as a vessel. The black energy converges on Mikoto.

While these events are occurring, Kamijou Touma runs desperately through the streets while Saten Ruiko tries to call Mikoto with her phone. Both of them think back to what Xochitl said earlier: Kouzaku Mitori and her group are likely planning on using Misaka Mikoto.

Lightning gathers on the roof of the Exterior building. Mitori watches this from another roof. Gensei announces the beginning of the experiment: can Mikoto reach Level 6?

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  • Gensei successfully hijacks Exterior and uses it to gain the power of Mental Out.
    • As a result, Gensei is able to use the Misaka Network to make Mikoto start transforming into a Level 6.


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  • On Twitter, Railgun manga editor Ogino Kentarou expands on Gensei's comment regarding "Aleister's Favorite". According to the tweets, Gensei had learned of Aleister's ruses surrounding the Level 6 Shift and the Sisters, and was not happy about it. Knowing that the Misaka Network was apparently part of the plans of Academy City's leader, Gensei's usage of the Network for another Level 6 Shift experiment was partly payback against Aleister.[1]


  • Kiyama Harumi and her Level Upper are mentioned, with Gensei revealing that he was the one who gave Kiyama instructions on brain wave tuning.


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