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"Joining the Battle" (参戦 Sansen?) is the 62nd chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series. The chapter details the on-going struggles of Misaka Mikoto as she is transformed by the efforts of Kihara Gensei in an another attempt to create a Level 6.


The chapter begins the same way the previous one ended: with Kihara Gensei announcing the beginning of his experiment to turn Misaka Mikoto into a Level 6.

Mikoto perceives herself as floating in the middle of darkness. Kouzaku Mitori approaches her and reminds her of the many atrocities committed in Academy City, inciting her into attacking the Windowless Building to stop such things happening again. Mikoto blasts the Windowless Building with lightning far more powerful than her usual, but the building remains unharmed. Mitori is disappointed, so Gensei reminds her that Mikoto is still growing and it is necessary to be patient. Gensei also has one request for Mitori.

The attack draws the attention of the authorities. Shokuhou Misaki therefore uses her mind control to have the affected areas evacuated and sealed off, to prevent needless casualties. She then sees Kamijou Touma running towards the scene, causing her to smile. Using carefully aimed telepathy, she informs Touma about the situation and suggests that he try to turn Mikoto back to normal by touching her.

Misaki heads over to where Keitz Nokleben and Misaka 10032 are, and frees the former from his paralysis. She plans on pursuing Gensei, but Mitori's puppet suddenly attacks and captures her. Mitori tells her to come with her without resisting. Shirai Kuroko comes to the rescue, freeing Misaki and announcing her intention to arrest Mitori.

Adapted To

Major Events

  • Misaka Mikoto begins attacking the Windowless Building at Kouzaku Mitori's instigation. Chronologically this would mark the first time the Windowless Building is attacked.


In order of appearance:

New Characters

No new characters were introduced during this chapter.


New Abilities

  • Electromaster (Railgun-variant) with Misaka Network - Misaka Mikoto, Level 5
  • Mental Out with Exterior - Kouzaku Mitori




Unanswered Questions

  • What is Misaki's relationship with Touma?



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