"Chaos" (混沌 Konton?) is the 63rd chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series. The chapter details the on-going struggles of Misaka Mikoto as she is transformed by the efforts of Kihara Gensei in an another attempt to create a Level 6, while Shokuhou Misaki tries to deal with Gensei and Shirai Kuroko with Kouzaku Mitori, and Kamijou Touma gets a little unexpected help from an unlikely source.


The chapter begins with an announcement that an enormous cumulonimbus cloud is passing over Academy City and that people should move indoors - the cover story to evacuate the city. Sogiita Gunha sees lightning shooting up from the ground and decides to investigate.

On the roof of the Exterior building, Kuroko confronts Mitori's puppet. The puppet attacks, so Kuroko teleports out of the way and to where Misaki's group is. Misaki asks Kuroko to teleport Keitz Nokleben and Misaka 10032 away, then to teleport themselves (Misaki and Kuroko) into the building. Now alone, Mitori's puppet comments on how quickly Kuroko found her data in the Bank.

Inside, Kuroko says she doesn't trust Misaki, but Misaki points out that it's in their mutual interest to work together. Misaki uses her ability to explain the situation to Kuroko, then Kuroko teleports away.

Kuroko heads over to Mikoto's location, thinking about Misaki's information: Mitori is probably guiding Mikoto's actions, she is probably close to Mikoto, and it may be possible to stop Mikoto by taking down her guide. Mitori notices Kuroko's approach and asks Gensei to handle Mikoto, as she must focus on defending herself.

Touma reaches Mikoto, who knocks him away with various attacks. She is unable to see him properly, something exacerbated by Mitori telling her it's just a "little fly" trying to hinder her.

Back in the Exterior building, Misaki looks at Gensei from above, noting that he probably wants to get the release code for Exterior's limiter from her. She decides to implement a countermeasure, which begins with memorising the code and erasing the data, though the rest is not revealed.

Touma is able to negate Mikoto's lightning, but becomes concerned when she creates a massive ball of metal and attempts to drop it on him. Suddenly, Gunha arrives and destroys the ball with a punch. He tells Touma to leave as he'll handle the rest, resulting in a brief argument about how to handle the situation. Mikoto attacks both of them with lightning, which Touma negates and Gunha punches down to the ground. The two boys are confused by each other's abilities. They introduce themselves to each other and prepare to take on Mikoto together.

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  • Kamijou Touma and Sogiita Gunha begin fighting Misaka Mikoto.


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No new characters were introduced during this chapter.


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  • Chronologically, this would mark the second time Touma obtains help from a Level 5.

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  • What is Misaki's plan to defend Exterior?


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