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"Observation" (注視 Chūshi?) is the 73rd chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Uiharu Kazari explains that there is an app going around that can predict incidents, be they a crime, accident, or something else. The app indicates the time and the place where the incident will happen when its camera function is pointed in a specific location. Uiharu notes that it may be possible that all the data was made before the accidents. Shirai Kuroko questions how many of the pre-registered "accidents" ended up actually happening, to which Uiharu answers it is 100% accurate. Kuroko asks if a Precognitive esper is involved in the creation of the app, but Uiharu says that (according to people online) someone is setting up the incidents on purpose, though she also says that there is no connection between the suspects and the victims and as such it might not be true. Uiharu mentions other incidents that were not registered in the app, so there may be a pattern as to what incidents get registered in the app. They decide to investigate.

They come upon two vending machines, where the app claims an accident will happen in 15 minutes. While the nearby road suggests a traffic accidetn, they cannot block the traffic on the road without proof, forcing them to observe for the moment. While doing so, Uiharu sees the Judgment recruitment poster nearby and notes that the time for recruitment is almost over. She wonders if their branch will get a new member, and becomes very excited at the thought. Kuroko then notices people converging on the vending machines: motorcyclists, two schoolgirls, a man on the phone, and a hooded man with a flu mask. The girls steel themselves, preparing for the worst, though Kuroko is unsure if an accident or crime is about to take place. She takes out her darts in preparation, but nothing happens.

Ten minutes pass and still nothing happens. Kuroko becomes increasingly agitated. Uiharu tells her that events can happen 10 to 20 minutes off the indicated time, though Kuroko wonders if it was just a fake. However, at the same time as this, Kuroko sees a kid playing a soccer ball. She also notices a truck coming, though slowly. She believes that the truck may not be involved in anything, in which case she is correct in the worst possible way. A car speeds past the truck to overtake it and at the same time, the kid follows his loose soccer ball. Kuroko thinks that it is the prediction of the app, though remembers that it is at the wrong place. Regardless, Kuroko acts quickly as the car's driver tries to avoid the child, only for it to speed right into the path of a schoolgirl passing by the vending machine. Meanwhile, a boy looks over from above. Kuroko rescues the schoolgirl and the car crashes into the vending machines.

Everyone is safe, the schoolgirl, the banged-up driver, and the kid (who is in Uiharu's arms). Kuroko notes that if she wasn't prepared, she wouldn't have acted so calmly and would've teleported the kid on reflex. Kuroko tells Uiharu to redirect traffic until Anti-Skill arrives, then searches for a place where there would be a good view of the vending machines. She finds the boy on the roof of a nearby building, and asks if he is the esper with precognitive abilities. Kuroko says that whoever was watching the app would probably watching nearby. The boy introduces himself as the creator of the app and says that he was planning on contacting her regardless.

Adapted To

Major Events

  • Kuroko of Judgment successfully intercepts an accident that was supposed to be happen as indicated by the Treasure Hunting app that is making the rounds in the city.


By order of appearance:

New Characters


New Abilities


New Locations

No new locations were introduced this chapter.


  • Despite Uiharu's aspirations, the manga states in a single square bubble that no one joined their branch.


  • Uiharu reminisced about Judgment's summer recruitment training during this chapter.

Cultural References

  • The website for Judgment in the recruitment sign is, which is similar to Kuroko's catchphrase when doing her duties as member of the organization.

Unanswered Questions

  • Who is the elementary school boy and why did he want to contact Kuroko?
  • Why did he create an app that would predict incidents to happen in Academy City?
  • Does he really have precognitive abilities?


  • Kuroko: "I have a feeling a newcomer would find her more adorable than anything."―regarding Uiharu as she imagines being admired by Judgment newcomers.



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