"A Certain Boy's Episode" (とある少年の幕間挿話 (エピソード) Toaru Shōnen no Episōdo?) is a special chapter after Chapter 73 of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.


Near a bus stop, Musujime Awaki accosts a little boy (Miyama Shaei, though he is unnamed in this chapter), about the bag he is using. She points out the good points about the randoseru and how she has one and can give it to the boy. Shaei wonders why she has one and adds that he doesn't want a randoseru for girls. Awaki says that she has a boy's randoseru and tells him that she has one because they are fashionable overseas. Hearing this, Shaei says that he doesn't really know much about adult fashion but says that the bag he has to carry is required in his school, as he rests his book upon the top of the bench he is sitting on.

The book falls, and instead of going around to pick it up, Shaei leans over the top of the bench to pick it up. Seeing him in this position, Awaki stares him down, causing Shaei to feel as if a carnivore was after him. Awaki excuses herself by saying that it has gotten chilly lately. Using that subject, Awaki asks why he is wearing his winter uniform despite the change in uniforms still being October, to which Shaei says that they are allowed to wear them to "break them in". Continuing with this, Awaki asks what his summer uniform looks like, and much to her surprise, he reveals that the uniform has shorts shorter than the one he is wearing and a top that is sleeveless. This makes Awaki angry that he is wearing his winter uniform.

Shaei then becomes thirsty and takes out his thermos. However, as he opens it the contents spill upon his lap, and he wonders if the lid was loose. Seizing the opportunity, Awaki tells him that he can go to her place for a change of clothes and can even spend the night with her. Despite her ramblings, Shaei ignores Awaki as he notices that he is at the wrong bus stop. Just before leaving, he tells Awaki that he is thankful for her offer, but the spill should dry soon. Foiled, Awaki can only be grateful for what she has seen.

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Major EventsEdit

  • Musujime Awaki meets the Treasure Hunter App's creator.
    • The events of this chapter occur prior to the previous one where the boy meets Kuroko.


By order of appearance:


  • Move Point - Musujime Awaki, Level 4 (referenced-only)


New LocationsEdit

  • Cricket Street (コオロギ街前?)



Cultural referencesEdit

  • Randoseru is referenced during this chapter. It is stereo-typically closely associated with young school children in anime and manga.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What school does the boy go to?


  • Awaki: "A-Are you okay? We can't let you get a cold. Come to my place. You can use my shower. We can get there right away with my power. Oh, and I have a change of clothes for you. I have some boy's shor... no, I mean some shorts a boy could wear too. Oh, why not spend the night? I can call your home for you."―Awaki's offer to the boy.


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