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"Prevention" (阻止 Soshi?) is the 75th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on March 27, 2015.

October 4 arrives with two predictions meeting up on a single place. While Shirai Kuroko and Uiharu Kazari are doing their best to intercept these two incidents, Miyama Shaei's life is endangered when his ability begins taking a toll on his body.


Kuroko and Uiharu discover that the next accident will take place in a park. Furthermore, Shaei reveals that there are two predicted incidents in the park, a few minutes apart, and one of them was something predicted before he met up with the girls. He notes that the thoughtograph shows that the next incident may be fire-related. Hearing this, Uiharu speculates that it may be a large fire if both predictions are about it. Fearing the worst, Kuroko says that they will not be enough to stop it.

With that Konori Mii, Yanagisako Aomi, and the other members of Judgment Branch 177 are deployed to the park in order to prevent the accident. Mii and Aomi are aware of what Kuroko and Uiharu are doing on account of how they have been in many incidents as of late. They are relieved that the other Judgment branches are willing to help them but laments how they cannot notify Anti-Skill without any real evidence. Finally, they wonder why they don't just seal off the entire park. Kuroko discusses with Uiharu on how they don't really know how when her Teleport begins to interfere in the incidents and that sealing the park will only move the incident somewhere else. With two hours to go, Kazari gives Kuroko a monocle with a real-time satellite feed of everyone in the park.

As Uiharu mentions how there are many stray cats and dogs in the park, Kuroko notices something: a cherry blossom is in bloom despite the date being October. Uiharu says that it is not impossible if one merely tricks the tree to believe it is spring by raising the temperature. As they wonder about it, Shaei gives Kuroko a call. He gives her predictions of two new incidents which will also occur in the park. However, the strain of using his powers has taken its toll on him and he collapses.

After Shaei is taken to hospital, Heaven Canceller explains to Kuroko that his red blood cells are breaking down from overuse of his powers. Heaven Canceller recommends that Shaei avoid using it for a while as it could cost him his life.

There is a flashback to Shaei in school. A girl named Ookawachi Megumi, along with her posse, taunted him for his power as it brought misfortune. After school, Shaei met up with a dog named Pero. As he played with it, he jokingly hoped that he would able to use his powers to help people and protect them. He later got one of his thoughtographs analyzed and found out that Megumi was going to be in danger. Shaei told her this and she became scared, begging him to do something. Shaei agreed and said that they should find a way to change the future. However, the accident happened as predicted and Megumi was severely injured. She blamed him for the accident, as if he didn't predict it in the first place the accident would not have happened. Shaei later decided to go to a different school, reassuring the dog in the park that he would still be able to visit.

However, in another thoughtograph Shaei found out that the dog will die in a fire. He fell into despair, activating the second stage of his ability for the first time. Shaei decided to use his newfound power to stop the tragedy from happening.

Adapted To

Major Events

  • Several incidents, likely fire-related, are predicted to happen in a park in Academy City. Several Judgment branches are deployed to prevent it from happening.
  • Shaei collapses from over use of his power and is taken to Heaven Canceller's Hospital.


By order of appearance:

New Characters


New Abilities

No new abilities were introduced this chapter.


New Locations

No new locations were introduced this chapter.



  • Some Judgments appeared in this chapter had showed on the cover of Railgun Chapter 9.[1]

Cultural references

No references to culture were introduced this chapter.

Unanswered Questions

  • Is this what the girls from the previous chapter, who stuck a liquid dropper on the base of the cherry blossom tree wanted, for the cherry blossom to bloom?
  • Do the accidents only happen because Shaei predicts them?


  • Shaei: "I guess I really can't protect people."―regarding his powers.



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