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"Selfishness" (我儘 Wagamama?) is the 76th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on April 27, 2015.


After making a short recovery, Miyama Shaei regains consciousness. Despite his weakened condition, he runs out of the hospital in a panic. Meanwhile, Shirai Kuroko and Uiharu Kazari remain clueless as to the potential cause of the predicted fire at the park. As Kuroko gathers the information from their search, a frayed wire from the nearby vending machine generates sparks which ignite the fallen leaves it touches. These ignited leaves soon spread to a tree (where an ampoule of an unknown fluid is embedded the ground), causing it to burst into a larger fire.

Judgment quickly prepares their operatives for mass evacuation with the help of Kuroko's Teleport ability. Afterwards, she discovers that the cherry trees are burning more readily than the others, and remembers seeing an ampoule near one of them. She guesses that the ampoules contain a flammable substance and passes this information to Uiharu, who uses this to predict the movement of the fire. Meanwhile, Kuroko performs additional rescues while her colleagues retrieve the ampoules found in different areas. Once all the civilians are rescued, Judgment gathers in one place and one of them performs a quick experiment to demonstrate the flammability of the ampoules' contents. Although Kuroko has left the investigation to Anti-Skill, she wonders about who is responsible for what happened.

Soon, Shaei appears in the park, asking Kuroko to bring him to the center of the park, where he saw his dog Pero's life in danger in one of his earlier predictions. Kuroko quickly asks Mii to come with her in the search. Shaei is shocked at the urgent response, although both Mii and Kuroko wonder about Shaei underestimating Judgment's sense of duty.

Seeing the fire reminds Shaei of the accident that gravely injured his classmate Ookawachi Megumi and he decides to risk his life in hopes of altering his own predictions. However, Kuroko stubbornly continues the search. Moments later, Kuroko returns with Pero on her arms. Shaei tearfully reunites with his old friend and endures Kuroko's teasing.

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Major Events

  • Shaei's prediction of the fire comes to fruition but is stopped by the efforts of Judgment and Anti-Skill.
  • Shaei is reunited with Pero.


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  • Flashbacks reveal that Shaei tried to search for teleporters in order to change the outcome of his predictions.


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  • Kuroko: "If it was your selfish desire to wear down your body to save the dog... then it's my selfish desire to not back down here. And... that thing we're calling a selfish desire is our form of justice."―to Shaei.



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