"Games" (遊戯 Yūgi?) is the 84th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on March 26, 2016.


A yawning Mikoto heads to the convenience store, mentioning that she shouldn't have stayed up so late. She runs into Hazamaya Kana, who asks her to walk to the bus stop with her. Mikoto is reluctant but Kana browbeats her into doing so in an un-childlike way, saying that Mikoto must not have anything better to do.

While walking to the bus stop, Kana mentions seeing Mikoto on TV during the Daiheseisai. Embarrassed, Mikoto says that she's confident in her speed. However, Kana says that the ability to run fast is meaningless in actual society and calls Mikoto a meathead. Mikoto tells her not to call people that. Kana then points out the empty space where the Indian Poker Trader used to be. This leads to Kana talking about the legendary Bust Upper card and insulting the kind of person who would buy something like that. Mikoto realises what's going on and angrily calls out Misaki (who's hiding nearby) for making a little girl say these things.

Misaki reveals herself, saying that she didn't expect Mikoto to notice, and releases her control of Kana. Kana looks at the two Level 5s and asks if they're friends, which they deny simultaneously. Misaki tells her to study so she doesn't become a meathead like Mikoto and the little girl leaves to catch her bus.

Now that they're alone together, Mikoto asks Misaki what all this was for and how she knows about Mikoto's use of the cards. Misaki explains that she read the trader's memories as part of an investigation, then teases Mikoto over the fact that the Bust Upper had no effect (apparently not knowing that Mikoto never actually obtained the card). Angered, Mikoto grabs Misaki's breasts, only to sink into despair at the size and leave Misaki flustered.

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