"Soul" (魂魄 Konpaku?) is the 85th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on April 26, 2016.

Shokuhou Misaki informs Misaka Mikoto about the human experiments on Kuriba Ryouko and the "creation of soul".


Uiharu Kazari reports to several judgments (including Konori MiiShirai Kuroko and Yanagisako Aomi) about the recent information leaking from the School Garden; she concludes that it is related to the Indian Poker and a girl named Kuriba Ryouko. At another scene, Shokuhou Misaki tells Misaka Mikoto that she has entrusted Keitz Nokleben to launch an investigation on this Ryouko, and learned that Ryouko was involved in a human experiment: her body was split in two, and each half was complemented with artificial parts, forming two "Ryoukos" - each consists of half human organ and half artificial parts; one year later, the human parts in the two "Ryoukos" was assembled, restoring the human body of Ryouko, who seemingly kept the consciousness of the original Ryouko, with the memories of both "Ryoukos". Misaki concluded that this experiment aimed at "the creation of the soul" - the soul of Ryouko was doubled during the forming of the two "Ryoukos", in another word, one additional soul was created.

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