"Heading Out" (出動 Shutsudō?) is the 87th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on June 27, 2016.


News of "Kuriba Ryouko" escaping her holding facility has reached the scientists involved in the development of the cyborg. The researchers are alarmed at "Ryouko's" successful attempt to escape the facility, and the facility itself has suffered damage that affected much of the research data in the facility. As orders to retrieve the cyborg, hence called a "doppelganger", were initiated, the fugitive infiltrates the ruins of the Shinasame University DNA Map Analysis Laboratory in School District 20. After eliminating four thugs who occupy the area, one of which are selling fake Dream Ranker cards of famous people online, the doppelganger Ryouko retrieves some artificial skin to conceal her mechanical body and picked up a black dress to wear.

Meanwhile, with the help of Shokuhou Misaki, who controlled an employee of an apartment management company, Mikoto visits the original Kuriba Ryouko in an apartment complex within Academy City. Although initially uncooperative, Ryouko immediately recognizes Mikoto and agrees to talk with her and Misaki. Outside the apartment complex, Mikoto clarifies that her business is connected to Indian Poker. Ryouko, on the other hand, explains about the creation of her doppelganger and the dangers that the successful experiment could create.

In response to the request to retrieve the Kuriba Ryouko doppelganger, four girls, which comprise the organization Scavenger, track down the cyborg in Shinasame University DNA Map Analysis Laboratory.

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  • A holding facility designed for Kuriba Ryouko's "doppelganger" was destroyed after the cyborg's successful escape. Researchers working on the experiment that produced the cyborg confirm that research data within the facility were damaged as a result.
  • Mikoto and Misaki establish contact with the original Kuriba Ryouko.
  • Scavenger is tasked with the retrieval of the doppelganger Ryouko.


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  • The Dark Side-affiliated organization Scavenger makes its debut in this chapter. They refer to their previous mission which they failed to complete.[1]
  • Shinasame University DNA Map Analysis Laboratory is a facility that was used in relation to the Sisters Project. Due to the earlier efforts of Misaka Mikoto to destroy laboratories used for the production of her clones, the facility is currently condemned.[2]

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  • Kuriba Ryouko (Doppelganger): "People's thoughts are found in the brain. Their life is found in the heart. Their emotions are found in their face. Then, if you drive the soul from the body, would there be any vacancy there?" (人の思考は脳に宿る, 命は心臓に宿る, 感情は顔に宿る. なら――身体から魂を追い出せば空きができると思うかい? Hito no shikō wa nō ni yadoru, inochi wa shinzō ni yadoru, kanjō wa kao ni yadoru. Nara, karada kara tamashī o oidaseba aki ga dekiru to omou kai??)


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