"Original Intent" (初心 Shoshin?) is the 95th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on April 27th 2017.


Major eventsEdit

  • Fighting the doppelganger on the airship with support from Leader, Mikoto confirms her suspicions that the doppelganger is trying to commit complete suicide out of despair. Despite her attempts to persuade the doppelganger otherwise, the doppelganger's stance remains unchanged. Mikoto eventually reluctantly complies with the doppelganger's wishes, destroying the airship with a thundercloud and terminally damaging the doppelganger.
  • During a standoff with the project chief, he threatens then accidentally shoots Kuriba Ryouko. While Misaki deals with the researcher, Mikoto tends to Ryouko's wounds as Scavenger arrives, with the dying doppelganger remarking on her original being fortunate that there are cyborg parts for her nearby.


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Unanswered questionsEdit


  • Exchange after Mikoto confirms her suspicions about the doppelganger's intentions:
    • Mikoto: "Can't you live as you are?'"" (今のまま生きていくことはできないの? Ima no mama ikite iku koto wa dekinai no??)
    • Kuriba Ryouko (Doppelganger): "That is a cruel request." (残酷なことを言う Zankokuna koto o iu.?)
  • Kuriba Ryouko (Doppelganger): "Continuing to exist like this is nothing more than suffering...Please." (この姿で存在し続けることこそが苦痛なのだ...頼む Kono sugata de sonzai shi tsudzukeru koto koso ga kutsūna noda...Tanomu.?) (asking Mikoto to end her suffering)
  • Kuriba Ryouko (Doppelganger): "This is the same as throwing out a broken appliance." (これは壊れた家電を廃棄しただけさ Kore wa kowareta kaden o haiki shita dake sa.?) (to an upset Mikoto after being fatally damaged)


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