"Poisoning" (蠱毒 Kodoku?) is the 102nd chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series was released on February 27th 2018.


Mitori and Dolly take down one of the dog robots that with the image of director's head attached to it despite not having weapons, noting how creepy it is. All around the Juvenile Hall grounds, people attack and destroy whenever they see one, shocking the director, not comprehending that the robots are creepy. Aohoshi, the assistant director, remembers the time when the Director submitted the idea, and how it was approved because it was creepy in the first place. Nevertheless, the competition goes on and Fusou Ayame does well for herself even without her powers, simply using resonance to defeat Type: Hunting Wasp robots, and helping someone because she is a hero. The person however, betrays her and injects her with one of the Type: Hunting Wasps, knocking her out.

Back with Mikoto, Kuroko, and Saten, Saten is worried about Uiharu, to which Kuroko goes on a tirade about how weak Uiharu is. Hearing this, Mikoto and Saten uses reverse pyschology and suggests that Uiharu should just quit Judgment. Kuroko changes her tone pretty quickly and starts praising Uiharu only to realize Saten is recording her speech on the mobile phone. Kuroko reprimands Saten on why she doesn't drop the -san honorific for her name like she did for Uiharu when Saten asked her. Saten notes that she lost her nerve when she felt her "high-class Tokiwadai" aura. Meanwhile, Yakumaru is nearby observing all of this and wonders if they are flirting. All of a sudden, a Type: Giant Centipede robot attacks and restrains Saten. Yakumaru secretly goes into action and uses her chemicals to rust out the robot, though at the cost of also dissolving Saten's phone. The girls continue on, with Yakumaru helping them behind the scenes, though she realizes that she could just do the entire competition on her own if this was the case.

Meanwhile, in another part of the facility, the ninjas of the Kouga School get by using their ninjutsu, unaffected by the AIM Jammer. Tsurigane has apparently been caught once again by one of the facility's traps, this time by a spider robot. Seeing this, Shuri frees her but complains to Tsurigane that she will have to go back to training.

As for Mikoto and the others, they finally made it to the main building and notes how sturdy the doors were. However, they then notice that they made it to the Boys' Building instead of the designated Girls' Building.

Major Events

  • Fusou Ayame is knocked out from the competition by a mysterious person.
  • Misaka Mikoto, Shirai Kuroko, and Saten Ruiko with Yakumaru secretly following them accidentally arrive at the Boys' Building of the Juvenile Hall instead of the Girls' Building.


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  • The insectoid robots follow the same Type: (タイプ: Taipu:?)(T:) naming pattern as the robots used by Baba Yoshio.[1][2]

Cultural References

Unanswered Questions

  • Who knocked out Fusou Ayame?



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