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Monster (怪生 Kasei?) is the 107th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on August 27th 2018 in Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh.


Sometime in the past when Kimi was still in the Reformatory, Aohoshi talks to Kimi on how the latter has somehow gained a dragon, though the former is incredulous with this.

Aohoshi recalls how she planned with Raifu and Tsurigane to break out Kimi and to find someone with great hacking skills. Raifu is revealed to be the one designated in thinning out the competition, while Tsurigane's former ninja comrades led by Oumi Shuri were to win the competition if they couldn't find a skilled hacker. Tsurigane reassures Aohoshi that her comrades have high specs, and that they are ninjas like her after all. Aohoshi wonders if Kimi and Tsurigane are at "that age" where they think of some fantasies about themselves, then her thoughts turn to her being the only one charged with a crime if they fail.

Back in the present, Kimi and the others are playing cards while Aohoshi contemplates on how ninjas and dragons are actually real. She asks her comrades to pay attention to her as she shows how she has the registration date on the winner, Uiharu Kazari. The girls are amused by how she was able to hack the system. Raifu comments on how Uiharu was with the Railgun, which surprises Kimi when she is informed that the Railgun is the third-ranked Level 5, and there are now seven Level 5s in the city since she was incarcerated. Aohoshi remarks that the information regarding the Level 5s should have been passed around by prisoners to which Kimi reveals that she simply wasn't interested. Aohoshi says that the city's strongest espers are said to rival a navy cruiser's in firepower, thought Kimi seems unimpressed, as she wins the card game.

Back with Mikoto and friends, Uiharu reveals through her hacking that there was supposed to be a long-range AIM Jammer in the Reformatory, a range that could've easily prevented Mikoto and Kongou's tactic to penetrate the Reformatory walls, though they can only wonder why the Reformatory didn't use it. Mikoto congratulates Uiharu for beating her and tells her there is no need to be modest. Mikoto says that she being able to hack into the security of the facility so easily proves her ability to be a real deal, while Saten adds that Asurano Park was thankful for her donation. Uiharu is embarrassed, but Mikoto and Saten both acknowledge her abilities and tells her to have more pride in them. And just as Uiharu enjoys her meal, Kuroko appears. Kuroko asks why Uiharu is skipping patrols, and wonders if she is getting lazy thanks to her injury. Uiharu brags that since she is the Jailbreak trial winner, she needs to eat sweets to keep her brain at top shape, as such she is not being lazy at all. Kuroko puts a stop in all this, however, and drags her off for another round of patrols.

Later that night, Uiharu and Saten converse on how Kuroko dragged her all around for patrols. Suddenly, Uiharu hears her doorbell. Assuming it is a package, Uiharu hangs up on Saten and tells her she will call back. Times passed and Uiharu still hasn't called back. Worried, Saten goes to see her apartment and calls Kuroko and Mikoto about it, fearing that people might have known about her winning the competition and wanting the money.

Saten arrives and there is no answer at Uiharu's door as she opens it herself. Mikoto and Kuroko arrive shortly afterwards to find Saten already there, who reports to them that Uiharu is missing.

Major Events

  • Uiharu is kidnapped by Kimi's group.


By order of appearance:





  • Raifu is revealed to have been the one to take out Fusou Ayame in the Jailbreak competition.[1]
  • Uiharu piled stuffs up on the lower deck of bunk bed that Haruue used before moving out.[2]

Cultural References

  • Aohoshi thinks both Kimi and Tsurigane have a unique teenage disease, referring to the "Chuunibyou Syndrome" or "Second Year Middle School Syndrome", a Japanese term used to refer to teenagers and preteens which manifests delusional behavior.

Unanswered Questions

  • How many Level 5s were there when Kimi was sent into the Reformatory?



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