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Intention (思惑 Omowaku?) is the 108th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on September 27th 2018 in Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh.


Kuroko and Saten continue to investigate Uiharu's disappearance, asking the residents of her dormitory building. Kuroko reports to Saten on how none of the residents have any clue as to what happened. Saten says that after calling Anti-Skill they said they cannot put any real officers in the case since there isn't any proof she was abducted. Teleporting outside to where Mikoto is, Mikoto reports her findings to the girls after hacking a camera. She indicates a single recreational vehicle (RV) that was heading east and prepares to catch up to it. Saten however, asks Mikoto and Kuroko if they can bring her with them though she knows she won't be of any use. Mikoto agrees and tells Kuroko to go on ahead of her. Mikoto then tells Saten to hold on tight to her as it'll be a bumpy ride. Kuroko begins teleporting around the city until she reaches the RV, spotting it in School District 18.

Meanwhile, back with Kimi and the others, Uiharu is on the floor of the RV. Raifu mentions that Uiharu's capture was easy, but Tsurigane says that it is times like these that they should be ready for anything. Kimi apologizes to her other minions that are driving the RV, saying that none of them could drive. The minions say that it's fine, but nervously ask if they can go wherever they want once this affair is over, which Kimi confirms. Suddenly, Tsurigane senses something - Kuroko landing on the RV. Kuroko ponders what to do as she is unsure if the vehicle is the one that holds Uiharu. She is attacked from behind by Tsurigane with her dagger. Kuroko manages to dodge her slash, and confirms that the people in the RV are guilty after all. She uses her needles on Tsurigane, but they miss, making Kuroko believe she dodged her teleport. Tsurigane tosses a needle of her own toward Kuroko, forcing her to teleport away.

As Tsurigane is left alone on the roof of the RV, she ponders on how she didn't expect anyone noticing the kidnapping soon. Suddenly, she notices barbwire coming toward the RV and shouts that they are being attacked. The wires wrap around the tires and bring it to a grinding halt. Tsurigane orders the other girls that were driving the RV to steal a new vehicle for them. As they exit the vehicle, Mikoto appears before them, telling them to let Uiharu go.

Kimi steps outside of the RV and tells her minions to ignore Mikoto and continue with the plan. Mikoto, still believing that they abducted Uiharu for the prize money, says that she doesn't have it anymore. Kimi explains that she didn't want the money, just Uiharu's skills. She tells Mikoto that she'll just have her do one quick job, then they'll return her back in one piece. Mikoto doesn't accept that as sparks appear around her. Seeing this, Kimi also prepares her hand - the dragon. Seeing the dragon, Mikoto recalls that it is one of the dragons that appeared when Touma had his right hand cut off.

Angered after seeing this, Mikoto uses her powers to take iron sand from the ground. She attacks Kimi and the dragon with a giant hand made from iron sand, demanding to know why she has the dragon, to which Kimi responds that she doesn't really know. The cross on the dragon's head starts glowing, and the iron sand that Mikoto used turns into a white substance (implied to be salt, from Raifu's later reaction). The hand then collapses, with the cross marked on its palm. Mikoto is startled by this event as the dragon approaches. The dragon attacks, collapsing a nearby building. Raifu asks if Kimi got Mikoto, but Kimi denies this as Mikoto wouldn't go down that easily.

It is revealed that Mikoto was rescued by Kuroko at the last moment, teleporting them unto a roof of another building. Saten tells Mikoto that she's been out for less than a minute after being knocked out. Kuroko reports on how Kimi's group has fled using the entrance-way road that leads to School District 11. Mikoto wonders if they are going to take Uiharu out of Academy City since that district has the largest land entrance, to which Kuroko says that there is something about that that bothers her.

Later, Mikoto says that they have to continue the chase. Saten, still worried about Uiharu, asks Mikoto and Kuroko something. Anti-Skill then arrives at the location of the battle, wondering what had happened. They locate Saten, thinking she's a survivor. Approaching her, they ask if she is hurt, and Saten claims that she caused the collapse of the building.

Major Events

  • Kimi and her group successfully kidnap Uiharu Kazari after defeating Misaka Mikoto.


By order of appearance:

New Characters

  • Kimi's three female accomplices



New Locations



  • Mikoto recalls that the dragon Kimi has is Touma's dragon after his right arm was cut off, but remembers that dragon specifically, the "angel" dragon.[1]

Unanswered Questions

  • What was the substance that Mikoto's iron sand turned into?
  • Why are Kimi's group taking Uiharu to School District 11?
  • What are Kuroko's doubts regarding Kimi and her group going to School District 11?
  • What did Saten ask Mikoto and Kuroko that caused her to be left alone in the ground zero of the dragon's attack and falsely admitting that she was the cause of the building collapsing to Anti-Skill?



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