Insanity (風狂 Fūkyō?) is the 109th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on October 26th 2018 in Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh.


Mikoto and Kuroko continue chasing Uiharu's kidnappers. They see the two vehicles split up, so they decide to split up as well to follow both of them. Mikoto notes that the vehicle Kuroko has chosen to follow is carrying Kimi, so she advises Kuroko to avoid fighting and focus on rescuing Uiharu with her teleportation. Kuroko heads off, wishing Mikoto good luck.

Mikoto tracks the other vehicle to outside a garage in School District 11, near the border wall of Academy City. She finds what looks to be a kidnapper who's taken an innocent girl hostage at gunpoint. In truth, the girl is Raifu and the one with the gun is one of her minions. The minion warns Mikoto not to take another step closer, so Mikoto magnetically moves the kidnappers' vehicle towards her and destroys it without taking a step. Mikoto calls Kuroko to tell her that Uiharu isn't there and turns to leave. The minion asks if Mikoto doesn't care what happens to the girl, to which Mikoto responds that she is currently focused on saving Uiharu.

Raifu decides to stop the act, gripping the minion's arm tight enough to cause her pain. She asks if she wasn't a good actor and Mikoto replies that the minion seemed afraid of Raifu. Raifu then reverses the hostage plan, threatening to kill the minion if Mikoto runs away, to get Mikoto to "play" with her. Mikoto pretends to not care about the minion. Fearing for her life, the minion attempts to shoot Raifu only for the bullet to pierce her own foot instead. Mikoto is forced to stay, causing Raifu to comment that she really is a good person. Mikoto prepares to throw a car door at Raifu, but sees a premonition of being hit by the door instead and hesitates. Raifu decides that the minion is in the way, so she drags her into the garage to hide her. Mikoto shakes in fear as Raifu's ability resembles Accelerator's Vector Control, but notes that there shouldn't be anyone else with this kind of ability.

Mikoto heads into the garage, holding car doors around her as shields. She hears gunshots and then bullets hit one of her shields. She finds it odd that the bullets not only arrived after the sound, but from a different direction to the sound. Raifu then pulls on a rope to drop a car onto herself, and her ability causes the car to change direction and hurtle towards Mikoto instead. Mikoto stops the car but sets fire to it in the process. She then realises that there are holes in the cars' gas tanks, spilling gasoline everywhere. An explosion fills the garage.

Major EventsEdit

  • Mikoto catches up to Raifu and begins fighting with her.


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Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What is Raifu's ability?


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