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Evil Nature (性惡 Seiaku?) is the 110th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on November 26th 2018 in Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh.


The garage goes up in flames. Mikoto manages to escape by getting in a car and magnetically moving it outside. She wonders why Raifu started the fire, given that she probably didn't expect to kill Mikoto with it.

Raifu and her wounded minion watch the fire from a distance. Raifu tells her minion to leave, warning her that "those flying things" will attack her if she stays. True to her words, a fleet of Six Wings unmanned attack helicopters arrives to investigate the commotion.

Mikoto tracks Raifu to the exterior wall of Academy City. She asks about Raifu being alone, to which Raifu responds that there's no need to worry about her minion. Raifu thinks about her desire to fight "heroes", which Mikoto showed herself to be by showing concern for the minion. The Six Wings approach. Mikoto deduces that Raifu started the fire to summon the helicopters and that she had done a similar thing during the jailbreak trial. Raifu laughs and dodges the question, though internally she grumbles about Mikoto managing to figure it out. Raifu climbs to the top of the wall to make the Six Wings begin attacking. She runs along the top of the wall while redirecting the Six Wings bullets, then redirects missiles towards Mikoto. The Level 5 deduces that Raifu's power is psychokinesis and that it won't be enough to stop her full power.

However, Raifu has guessed Mikoto's line of thought and implies that she's wrong. Raifu jumps onto a Six Wings and sends it hurtling down towards Mikoto, noting that her chances of victory have risen to 13%. Mikoto is forced to use her Railgun to intercept the Six Wings. Seeing this, Raifu thinks that her chances have risen to 68%.

Major Events

  • Mikoto resumes her battle with Raifu at Academy City's outer wall, while a group of Six Wings begin an attack, having been dispatched following the explosion and fire at the garage.


By order of appearance:





  • Mikoto refers back to the events of the jailbreak trial and Raifu thinks back to her encounter with Yamashiro Shoubu.[1]

Unanswered Questions

  • What is Raifu planning?



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