True and False (虚実 Kyojitsu?) is the 111th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on December 27th 2018 in Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh.


Mikoto and Raifu continue their fight. While intercepting Raifu's attacks, Mikoto thinks about what to do next. Raifu jumps onto another Six Wings helicopter and sends it hurtling towards Mikoto. The Level 5 prepares to use her Railgun, but realises that Raifu is repeating attacks she already knows to be ineffective and therefore must be planning something. She fires her Railgun to destroy the Six Wings. Raifu redirects the Railgun back at Mikoto, thinking to herself that a Level 5's defences can only be penetrated by their own power. To Raifu's surprise, Mikoto just barely dodges the attack. Raifu reveals large claw-like weapons from within her sleeves, thinking that she hates people with good intuition, and closes in for the finishing blow.

Dazed, Mikoto tries to stand up and realises she was wrong about Raifu's power - it appears to actually be control over gravity. She fires electricity at Raifu, which gets diverted, then pulls in a gas tank to block Raifu's attack. After that, she attempts to shock Raifu at close range, turning it into a test of stamina as Raifu sends the electricity back at her. Raifu comments that this is what she wants from a hero. Mikoto tries to throw the gas tank with magnetism but misses thanks to Raifu bending light to divert her aim. Raifu throws the tank back with her own power and seems to hit her target, then seemingly slashes Mikoto with her claws. She ends up hitting a decoy made of dust. Mikoto comments that Raifu isn't the only one who can make decoys, then shocks Raifu to the point that she can no longer feel her limbs or use her power. Despite the low odds of victory, Raifu tries one last attack only for her claws to be destroyed by iron sand. Mikoto kicks her in the head, causing her to become unsteady on her feet. Mikoto says that she's no hero, and the hero she knows is a huge idiot who can't rest until he saves everyone in need, even people like Raifu. She incapacitates Raifu with more electricity. Finally, she says that she can't support the people closest to her but she is willing to hear Raifu out.

Meanwhile, Kuroko is crouched and watching a car. The car has hit a tree and is smoking.

Major EventsEdit

  • Mikoto defeats Raifu.


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Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What exactly happened to Kuroko and the car she was following?


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