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Extraordinary (破格 Hakaku?) is the first half of 139th chapter of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series, released on March 26th 2022 in Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh. The second half was released on April 27th 2022.


Major Events

  • Although Mikoto only secretly intervene once then leave, the Hasekura clique members' continued attacks against Urui force her to intervene again, leading them to realize she is there.
  • Wanting to test how powerful Level 5s are and willing to risk life to find out, Amano Ayane starts to battle Misaka Mikoto, who despite not trying to fight, easily fends off her attacks.
  • When a blade from a wind turbine propeller, damaged by Amano's attack, falls towards the Hasekura clique girls, Mikoto uses her Railgun to destroy it, leading to her acquiring her nickname not long afterwards.
  • Hasekura Reiri returns from her demonstration in Paris and starts considering the situation surrounding the clique conflict.


By order of appearance:


New Abilities



  • As is the case in the present day, Mikoto's immense electrical power causes a Wind Turbine to spin faster when she is closer to it.


Cultural References

  • Joule heating, also known as resistance, or resistive/Ohmic heating, is the process through which an electric current passing through a conductor produces heat.

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