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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Manga Volume 03 is the third volume released for the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series.

The tankobon details the third and final part of the Level Upper Arc, as Misaka Mikoto discovers the true reason for Harumi's actions, and is later forced to confront a powerful monster afterwards that could threaten the entire city. The rest of the volume deals with Mikoto and Kuroko's life after the events, being punished for being late back in their dorm, as well as Shirai Kuroko and Uiharu Kazari relating to Saten Ruiko about their meeting and how they became partners in Judgment.

Publisher's Summary

This is a spin-off of the popular work from Dengeki, depicting the story of Misaka Mikoto!

Starting from Volume 1, the Level Upper Arc is finally complete! In addition to Mikoto and Kuroko cleaning the pool, other popular characters from the series also appear being busy.


Additional Content



  • Overkill

Concept Art


  • Kuroko's Diary Entries

Localized Releases


魔法禁書目錄外傳 科學超電磁砲 集數 3
A Certain Scientific Railgun Manga v03 Chinese cover.jpg
Release Date 中文(台灣)‎ October 31, 2009[2]
ISBN-13 中文(台灣)‎ ISBN 978-986-237-338-5
Number of Pages 210 pages

但木山卻以強大的多重超能力讓美琴無法招架,美琴究竟該如何制勝? 本集另收錄黑子與初春在新人研修時期相識的前傳故事。


A Certain Scientific Railgun Manga Volume 03
A Certain Scientific Railgun Manga v03 cover.jpg
Release Date English February 14, 2012[3]
ISBN-13 English ISBN 978-1-935934-02-8
Number of Pages 192 pages
In a staggering battle of electricity versus every super power imaginable, Mikoto Misaka, the third most powerful Level 5 psychic in Academy City, aka “The Railgun”, has managed to hold her own against rogue scientist Kiyama Harumi. But Misaka’s luck may have just run out. The Level Upper network has given birth to an “AIM Burst”, an entity of immense power with one singular purpose–to absorb every last AIM Dispersion Field in Academy City so that it can grow all-powerful. To achieve this, it has set its sights on its next meal: Academy City’s experimental nuclear reactor!

Also included: A special two-part prequel exploring how Misaka’s friends Kuroko and Uiharu first met.


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