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"Since Misaka-san is the Center of Attention Right Now..." (御坂さんはいま注目の的ですから Misaka-san wa Ima Chuumoku no Mato desu kara?) is the first OVA for the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun anime series. It was first released on October 29, 2010.


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With Uiharu's guidance, Kuroko responds to the call of a student from an unknown school harassed by delinquents. Despite Uiharu's hunch, Kuroko rushes to the scene, only to see the six people to be apprehended knocked out, by none other than Misaka Mikoto. Before the Anti-Skill arrive, Kuroko drags Mikoto to make things less complicated for both of them.

There, Mikoto suddenly gets the feeling that she is watched.

Mikoto tells Kuroko about what she felt earlier, and Kuroko just thinks about it as having her fame increased due to her participation in the defeat of the AIM Burst (which, though kept a secret, has persisted through rumors) and assumes that being stared at is normal. However, Mikoto insists that the stare she received was much different.

Later that day, Mikoto and Kuroko meet with Uiharu and Saten and the Electromaster takes the chance to tell everyone about her experience. Saten blurts out that it's part of the urban legend called "Someone's Watching", which causes traumatic effects to its victims. Mikoto seems unmoved by Saten's scary story.

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Kuroko then points out how everyone in Academy City is always "in someone's line of sight", because of various technology such as hidden cameras, security robots and GPS. Uiharu also points out Anti-Skill has been getting strict and that student's bags have been attached with hidden cameras with parents' request lately; Kuroko warns them of its adverse effects, including stress and one's Personal Reality being warped. Nonetheless, Mikoto's friends show their support by telling her to not think about it too much.

Mikoto continues on her day alone; inside a branch of Green Mart, she browses on various magazines like always; there, she feels the presence of someone looking at her. She shrugs it off as being paranoid, though she shows a bit of nervousness. However, tension mounts as she goes from place to place, with the same sinking feeling always getting her.

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She eventually snaps when she sees a certain unfortunate guy. Mikoto accuses him of being the culprit for watching her every time and challenges him to a fight, but when two units from Anti-Skill appear, they are almost apprehended for using their powers. Eventually, they are instead advised to go home before curfew and treats the commotion as a lover's spat, much to Mikoto's shock.

The next day, at Seventh Mist, Mikoto tells Kuroko what happened and hits the Teleporter for guessing that a guy was involved. Kuroko is relieved to hear that there was none, and points out that it was Mikoto herself--and her childish choices--that was responsible for her nervous attacks. However, Kuroko soon discovers that it was a more serious issue than it seems.

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Meanwhile, later in the afternoon, Uiharu visits Saten at the latter's boarding house. As it turns out, they are planning for a sleepover and Uiharu has just brought some snacks along. Soon, Kuroko calls Saten, and after arriving, tells them that she needs more information about the "Someone's Watching" urban legend.

Saten can barely find any new information from the site she discovered, but Uiharu manages to hack into one of the backdoor sites of Tokiwadai, where they discover that many have fallen victim to the urban legend (including Kongou Mitsuko). Kuroko fears that the legend might actually be real, and Uiharu decides to use her skills to help, but she and Saten are requested by Kuroko to keep it a secret from Mikoto, who has the habit of rushing into things alone.

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Saten joins Mikoto in going to Judgment's Branch 177 office, where Konori Mii notices how weary Mikoto looks. Mikoto tells her how safe Judgment's office is, and soon, Mii accompanies her and Saten for a short break while Uiharu and Kuroko "go on patrol". Mii then takes the chance to bring them to an indoor hot spring, which she recommends as a stress reliever.

Meanwhile, Uiharu and Kuroko actually meet up with Kongou Mitsuko (which is accompanied by Awatsuki Maaya and Wannai Kinuho) to interrogate her regarding the "Someone's Watching" urban legend. Kongou reveals that she is not the victim, as Kinuho and Maaya's seniors from the Swimming Club. Kuroko discovers that interviewing the victim is impossible, and soon...

...She wonders what the powers of the victims are.

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Saten and Mii are enjoying themselves, but even they can easily notice the worry in Mikoto's face despite the relaxing atmosphere of the indoor bath. Saten offers a friendly gesture--a gentle rubbing on the back--and assures Mikoto that she need not worry because she is there behind her.

Mikoto feels much better after Saten's remarks, and leaves the indoor bath with Mii and Saten. However, the feeling of being watched appears to be persistent, following her in almost every activity she does. Mikoto finds the thoughts of the urban legend haunting her dreams at her dormitory room, usually leaving her drenched in her own sweat.

Uiharu and Kuroko are staying overnight at Judgment's office, trying their best to find out about the occurrences revolving on the "Someone's Watching" urban legend. They still haven't figured out the possibility of an esper attacking innocent people, because there are no clues about any ability used, but in a Kuroko wants to check if her idea might changes things around.

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On a Sunday, Mikoto goes off alone from her dormitory room. She does not know Kuroko has plans of her own. Meanwhile, Saten and Uiharu coordinate themselves as they track down a certain target. Soon, Mikoto feels the jolting feeling of being watched, and using her powers, charges to the direction of the source.

Her ability takes her to the same Anti-Skill units she met at the park a few days ago, and after Kuroko teleports to where she is, the Teleporter reveals that the culprit is right in front of them: the former Power Development Director of Nagatenjouki Academy, Jounan Asako.

Kuroko exposes that Asako exploits the ability of Electromasters to emit varying wavelengths of electromagnetic waves and amplifies the wavelengths which feels the most unpleasant to them; the side-effect is the victims' feeling of being watched. Kuroko then snatches the machine Asako uses, which is located underneath her clothing. She then explains the Asako exploits the fact that the Level Upper has been resolved by Mikoto and that Anti-Skill presence is increased as a result of this.

Before they can take Asako into custody, she uses a flashbang grenade to disable them and flees as soon as she escapes the effects of the flashbang. Kuroko, with her hearing and sight disabled temporarily, contacts Uiharu and asks her to track down Asako.

Asako makes a getaway using a speedboat and there, she plans to leave Academy City and return when things settle down. However, she loses that chance when her boat takes a direct hit from Mikoto's Railgun. As it turns out, Mikoto manages to track Asako's location with the help of Saten.

In Judgment Branch 177 Office, to repay for what everyone has done to help her, Mikoto treats everyone with cakes and pastries from Pasticceria Manicagni and Kuroko becomes the receiving end of a relaxing massage from her roommate.

Soon, they talk about Asako's crimes, which is part of revenge for being fired as Power Development Manager of Nagatenjouki, which in turn, receives the pressuring task of producing a Level 5. Kuroko later talks about how Uiharu and Saten did their best in their part. Uiharu then talks about Kuroko's dedication to protect Mikoto, watching her every move (which brought up unexpected results); Kuroko tries to deny her claim, but Mikoto finaly realizes that the "Someone's Watching" urban legend cannot happen inside Tokiwadai, and Kuroko is in fact to blame for her uneasiness on-campus.

Because of this, Kuroko receives another flurry of Mikoto's electric attacks.

Adapted From[]

This is an anime original video animation, as such this not based on any pre-existing material.

Major Events[]


By order of appearance

New Characters[]



New Locations[]


  • This would mark the first time we see Mikoto actually attending class.
  • The original sound effect for Touma's Imagine Breaker that was used in the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime is restored.
  • Kuroko references that there are two level 5's in Tokiwadai Middle School. This would be the first time the Queen of Tokiwadai is referenced in the anime adaptation, though not in name.
  • The events of the OVA are referred to in the manga, suggesting that at least the general events that took place in it are canon.[1]


  • Kuroko references the Level Upper Incidents, specifically episode 12 after Mikoto stops the AIM Burst.
  • Uiharu references Kongou's pet python that appears in episode 13 of the anime adaptation.

Cultural References[]

  • The cameras that Mikoto and her friends use in the opening are Super 8 film cameras, specifically the Fujica Single-8 P300 camera. They record to the Super 8mm film format, which are essentially magnetic film stripes and are seen in the closing moments of the opening where Mikoto edits the videos she took from the camera on film. The cameras, created in 1965, used to record home movies until they are replaced by digital cameras, although amatuer film directors and artists still use them to this day.
  • The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations (UN) aimed at promoting world peace and security through international cooperation in education, the sciences, and culture.

Animation Trivia[]

  • If you read closely you can see that the magazine Mikoto is reading in Green Mart is called Biribiri Comic.
  • Several scenes from previous Toaru Kagaku no Railgun episodes are reused during the animation.

Unanswered Questions[]


  • "Someone's watching you."-opening scene of the OVA
  • "I'm able to be here because you've always look straight ahead. That's why, you can leave your back to me and just face forward like you always do." -Saten to Mikoto.



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