Chapter 2
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RAILGUN SS2 02 007

Mikoto blending in to avoid the guards.

She went back to the mall and threw security off her trail using her powers and then searched for a server to create new identities for herself. She wound up in a casino where she met up with Lessar once again, dressed in a bunny suit and helped her with poker in order to get close enough to the server. The dealer got suspicious because they were manipulating people using psychology and were driving them off, but Mikoto managed to change her ID in time and created a situation to escape easily.

She then went back to Lessar's shop and met Lancis, who gave her a postcard with information leading her into learning about Project Code EIC, which uses rumors to manipulate sales. She confronts Setali who authored the report about it in her room, scaring her before learning that she didn't know too much despite leading Project EIC, before leaving to locate Lessar again.


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