Chapter 3
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Mikoto was nearly caught by three security agents on a patrol when Lancis appeared and pulled her along. Mikoto guessed she and Lessar were something like spies, as she noted various exits, went along with the flow of the crowd, and kept the same pace, until they entered the swimming pool, where the patrol couldn't enter fully armed. They changed into swimming suits in a narrow alley, and entered the pool. After a quick swim, they exited and split up, with Mikoto arriving in time to see Lessar being spanked by Bayloupe for getting her too deeply involved.

While they were explaining, a snowplow crashed into the shop and detonated. All the girls escaped, with Lessar and Mikoto running from another vehicle armed with machine guns. Security arrived to stop the vehicle and Lessar suggested leaving them, but Mikoto saved them from the guns with her Railgun. The chase continued with Enirya and Mikoto being cornered when Lessar saved them using her spear.

Mikoto found the location where the ants were being bred and found all the equipment smashed and the ants dead, with no clue on what to do next. While escaping she considered the possibility of New Light being responsible but dismissed it. Enirya found the location and enough blood to assume someone was murdered and stubbornly refused to clear Mikoto of her charges since there wasn't enough evidence to say she wasn't involved anymore.


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