Chapter 4
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RAILGUN SS2 04 009

New Light asleep in Nihon Daruma’s North Gate store.

Mikoto woke up after passing out for five hours and found Lessar staring at her and gave her food before taking her to their Nihon Daruma’s northern store. She tried explaining how their magic works but gave up after the first try and explained how Project EIC was being used to alter people's minds. Mikoto believes they are trying to make espers, while Lessar believes that they are converting people's life force into magical power like magicians, but in the end, the person responsible for the ants was killed by the ones behind Project EIC. There was a chance they were planning to set up Academy City or attack it after using rumors started in the shopping mall, by destroying Academy City, the institutions outside of it would become the new leaders in technology and profit, at the cost of the Psychic development program disappearing.


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