Chapter 6
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Kuroko quickly informs Mikoto of the change to the legend. Quickly the mall begins descending into a mass of panic and anarchy. A man tried to shoot her but she tricked him using the AR and tried to knock him out, but because of the adrenaline rush, he stayed conscious and drew attention to them. When someone with an ax approached, she caved in the floor and escaped with Lessar.

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Mikoto resolves herself.

Unfortunately, people started panicking and were already robbing the nearby gun store. When they spoke in Japanese, everyone turned their guns on them. They hid and Mikoto slightly panicked at the scale that the damage could spread. Lessar told her that she trying to stop them was just to satisfy her herself, but left through a duct to stop the EIC at Mikoto's urging, not wanting her to get involved and they parted for the moment.

Enirya's unit was being pinned down due to the number of rioters and their equipment. Once they learn where Mikoto was, they decided that she could be used to stop the rioting, since if they killed her they wouldn't stop afterwards due to the flow, they wanted to secure her. The rioters themselves were getting more desperate and she had to find iron sand to manipulate. Once the target of the violence changed to target Lessar, she got serious.

Lessar was cornered into a room where she found a magic sulfur bomb that would cause incurable pain to everyone caught in it. Bayloupe ordered her to retreat since this wasn't their problem, but she disagreed and began disarming the bomb before the rioters could get inside. When they were about to break through Enirya held them off until a remote control snowplow broke through and they were swallowed. Mikoto arrived and used her railgun, clearing the room and stopped holding back as much. When Enirya woke up, they were gone to investigate.


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