Chapter 2
Chapter 2
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Afterwards Saten and Uiharu tried to look for a place for dinner, and Mikoto rushed to them with tears in her eyes and a scared expression on her face. As Saten and Uiharu asked why Mikoto passed a catalogue to them, showing more swimsuits that puts what Kuroko had on earlier to shame. Kuroko was muttering to herself what should she wear next while looking at that catalogue, and Mikoto ran out from her shock. Both Saten and Uiharu regretted looking through that catalogue, seeing swimsuits that only has 5cm of cloth to cover down there, and instead of being 'T' shaped it's somehow 'I' shaped and none of them can think of just how it can stay on. After seeing someone else walking by with a sarong Mikoto decided to go forcibly wrap up Kuroko with that, then the four of them went out for dinner.

Mikoto and other met Beverly at dinner and they talked more about the Liberal Arts City, with Saten commented once to Uiharu she suspects Beverly is at least 'G' cup, and possibly maybe even 'I' cup. Beverly commented offhand she is 'L' cup, much to the horror of the four developing girls (Beverly's bust size is possibly larger than all of theirs combined). Mikoto commented even sunscreen can be used as weapons as she approached Beverly with a black aura, and after a few minutes Beverly left they realised once again they forgot to get her autograph.

After getting back from dinner, Mikoto decided to hack into the Liberal Art City's network to find out more about the incident with the flying fish, in case something else similar will happen. Mikoto got in and found the defenses is ridiculously easy to break through since she's used to better defenses in Academy City. She found a sub-network that's not connected to the main network and decided to go check that place out personally.

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Mikoto found herself at a building site 3km in diameter, named 'Large Launcher'. Here is a place to launch rockets in the film that led to this city's creation, and it was mostly left as is due to fans obsessions of wanting to keep it that way. As Mikoto picked the electronic lock and is about to go in she's found by Saten, who mistakes Mikoto as trying to get into a Casino and gamble at a legal place to do so. As Saten rushed in Mikoto tried to follow her and tell her it's not a Casino, but after Saten is convinced the electronic lock is back online and messing with it once more may lead to alarms sounding, so Mikoto had to take Saten with her to go in deeper.

After a while they found a hangar filled with remnants of the Mixcoatls retrieved from battlefields by the Liberal Arts City. As Mikoto tried to take a photo of the name 'Mixcoatl' on the side of a plane to figure out what it is later, Olive Holiday came in and told them what it meant. Mikoto and Olive doesn't not get along well and is on the brink of open war before Olive received a call from the Administrators (Equivalent to Academy City's Board of Directors, except there is only 5 of them for the Liberal Arts City) telling Olive to stand down. If a Level 5 of Academy City were to go missing on a field trip Academy City will see this as a provocation and possible leak of valuable DNA maps, leading to an all out assault on Liberal Arts City that will include but not limited to economics, military and information warfare. Olive grudging acknowledged there's more to be lost than gained by opening hostilities and told some of her underlings to escort both Mikoto and Saten outside. If given the chance Olive will be more than willing to kill Mikoto.


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  • Liberal Arts City
    • Large Launcher



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  • A teru teru bōzu is a small handmade doll made of white paper or cloth.
  • Annin tofu or Almond Jelly is a desert made of almond milk. It is traditional desert of Chinese cuisine.

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