Chapter 3
Chapter 3
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The next day, Mikoto and others are going back onto the beach. Mikoto went through Kuroko's luggage and managed to find a seemingly normal swimwear and forced Kuroko to wear that. Much to their surprise that 'normal-looking' swimwear looks really wrong on Kuroko for some reason, hurting their eyes almost as bad as her revealing ones. Kuroko had enough that either way there will be trouble so she activated her secret weapon - markings started to appear on her swimsuit and for some reason though not much skin is showing Mikoto, Saten and Uiharu all feel really awkward just looking at Kuroko.

Kuroko revealed this swimsuit is a paradigm of Academy City technology, based on the behavior of 38,000 different kinds of animals during mating season and make markings specifically to attract other people. Within the suit are possible small sound speakers and aroma patches that aids the effectiveness of attraction. Kuroko stated she didn't want to use this secret weapon if she could help it, but since Mikoto forced it onto her she had no choice. Mikoto asked her to turn off that military-grade weapon already and go put on one of those revealing ones if she must, but Kuroko declined, forcing Mikoto to shock her. After that Mikoto tried frantically to find the off-switch with a blushing face as Kuroko didn't say how to stop it before she fell unconscious, and eventually turned it off.

Later, Saten went looking around for a coconut drink, but was ambushed by Xochitl wearing traditional Aztec clothing. She had to give her Mixcoatl to another comrade that was stranded so she had to stay behind to scout out this city. Xochitl warned Saten to not do anything unless she wants to be cut up by the obsidian knife she has, then told Saten to go buy a swimsuit for her so she can fit in. When Saten asked what's stopping her to just run away Xochitl shoved some sort of powder up Saten's nose, and told her she can make that explode remotely if Saten doesn't help her.

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Saten met up with Beverly while shopping, and gave the excuse that one of her friends had a wardrobe malfunction and had to hide in the bushes for the time being. They then had fun trying to find a swimsuit to payback the 'obnoxious friend' of hers. Saten went back to Xochitl and asked to have the powder taken off her, and Xochitl obliged while trying to wear her swimsuit. She then found out Saten bought her a H-swimsuit made only of glass beads and strings, and any violent movements will likely result in it breaking. This swimsuit can't even get wet otherwise it might just dissolve. Xochitl then asked Saten to accompany her, otherwise they will both have to end up naked since Xochitl has the resolve of taking down Saten with her in her embarrassment.

Xochitl seems to wander around meaninglessly in the city with Saten following her, looking at the city's defenses. Xochitl talked a lot of jargon of attacking and defending a city, all of which went right over Saten's understanding.

Then a barrage of missiles was bombarded by above onto the city in general, and one of the Mixcoatls flew down using the resulting panic as cover to retrieve Xochitl. Tochtli came to pick Xochitl up and they went over the findings in the Aztec language, so Saten understood none of it. Tochtli mentioned the 'Xiuhcoatl' (Snake of the Sun) will be used in their attack on the Liberal Arts City, and that Xochitl have bought a fine souvenir for their male comrades (her H-swimsuit). Xochitl threatened to mug Tochtli for her clothes and leave her in that H-swimsuit if she doesn't help her find a alternative in terms of clothing as the two of them left Saten on the ground.


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