Chapter 5
Chapter 5
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Next day, Kuroko tried to get Mikoto to a nudist pool and Mikoto threatened to fry her. Then Uiharu came to ask them have they seen Saten, and they figured out Saten has gone missing. They got one of the students that came with them using her ability 'Psychometry' to try and figure out where Saten has gone. That student found Saten went out to try and find the hidden secrets of Liberal Arts City, and said that's a bit much for students on a school trip.

Olive and her underlings talked about their past jobs, and they see themselves as the 'World Police' that tries to keep war from breaking out. They then got the orders from above to eliminate Saten and make it look like an accident.

Mikoto tried to hack the network again to find where has Saten gone, but ended up running into a firewall. It's not difficult to break through, but it will take time they don't have. Uiharu took the data from Mikoto and hacked through it in minutes, breaking down the defenses faster than her opponent can repair it.

RAILGUN SS1 05 017

Saten about to be silenced by Olive.

Olive and her underlings are trying to make Saten appear like she fell into the sea from a cliff, having ignored the danger signs. As Saten is on the verge of drowning she asked why is Olive doing this, and Olive replied it's to start up a rival esper development organisation against Academy City. Even with the ships rebuilt it cannot fly, and they deduced it runs on laws unlike normal ones. If they try to steal secrets from Academy City they will be hunted down, so they went and tried to start esper development from another source.

Mikoto and others tried to get to Saten, but was caught in one of the air strikes from the Mixcoatls in their attempt to cripple the Liberal Arts City of their transporting system and isolated from mainland America. The train station they're next to is disabled since the tracks are destroyed. Beverly at the station told them they can't move on due to the chaos, and they all decided to go back to the hotel instead to get Kuroko to teleport them to where Saten is.

Saten thought Olive had it wrong - those ships aren't esper abilities, and it is apparent even to a Level 0 though Saten cannot say just how different it is from the Academy City techniques. Olive does not know that as she has no expertise with esper development. As Saten tried to say that she went under the surface and is about to suffocate.

Xochitl ends up saving Saten as she attacked Olive and others, then yelled at Saten for getting involved in something she shouldn't have if she was going to be eliminated like that. Xochitl told Saten 87% of the Liberal Arts City will be erased in one blast from their 'Cihuacoail', and told her to get off the island. As Xochitl and Tochtli flew off they can see Saten waving at the two of them while they continued their bombardment of the city.


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