Chapter 6
Chapter 6
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The city is still in a uproar from Mixcoatls' bombardment, but both Kuroko and Mikoto found it strange that the damage wasn't more severe. The enemy didn't strike as soon as the transport system is crippled so something is wrong. Saten woke up soon after, having collapsed from exhaustion earlier. Saten told Mikoto and others about Xochitl and the Mixcoatls, and then was banged on the head by all three of them consecutively. What Saten did was like playing Russian Roulette, firing five shots at herself and didn't get the bullet - a miracle. Xochitl told Saten to escape on one of the 12 emergency lifeboats that can hold all of the city's population when necessary.

Mikoto thinks that she belongs on neither side, so they can work in a manner to reduce any casualties to smallest possible. As they planned on what to do next their hotel's electricity is cut, though from their window they can see lights are still on everywhere else. A black-ops force came to attack them after discovering Uiharu's hacking (even if her skills is beyond anything else, staying in enemy territory in a prolonged period of time will still expose her), blowing one of the walls through to enter instead of coming through the windows. Mikoto used her powers to build a wall to stop bullets and then used lightning to defeat the intruders. It turned out it's Olive and her team.

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Mikoto argues with Olive.

Olive says what they need to do isn't to just keep the peace but to make sure 10, or even 100 years down the line the world won't step onto the path of ruin. If Academy City technology become widespread there will be more Level 5 espers and that will result in war unimaginable. Mikoto calls her logic a complete farce, and the world doesn't operate by being commanded by people like her - it's decided by everyone themselves. Olive isn't convinced by Mikoto's preaching, and says the situations has changed from before. Mikoto stepped out to continue to think on what to do next.

Meanwhile, the Administrators of the Liberal Arts City had their request of intervention from the American military denied. They are also ordered to freeze all plans and destroy all information they possess. It's not that the Mixcoatls are opponents beyond the American's power to defeat, but someone else more politically influential than these Administrators interfered. Then their communications are hacked by the General Superintendent Aleister of Academy City who basically asked if they need Academy City's help. One of the Administrators asked if the Mixcoatls part of Academy City's forces and is he behind all this, to which Aleister replies he is not. Aleister told them they have violated a agreement between the two worlds, and asked them one thing:

If the Liberal Arts City was turned to ash and sinks into the ocean, are they still going to use the 'it's a show' excuse?

At District 23 of Academy City an HSB-02 supersonic bomber is being prepared with a AIM tracker machine. If worst come to the worst this unit will be sent out to retrieve Mikoto and destroy everyone else.


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