Chapter 7
Chapter 7
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A mountain split open under the sunlight and from it came the ultimate weapon of the Magic Cabal "Return of the Winged Ones" - Xiuhcoatl. Their goal is to sink the Liberal Arts City into the sea, and if Mikoto is still on the island then so be it - Xochitl said she has already gave them the hints and warnings on what to do.

Mikoto has disabled all other resources the Liberal Arts City has, forcing them to use the evacuating plan. Meanwhile Beverly uses her skill from directing to send a message across the entire city saying the foundations of the island is in danger and it would be best if everyone left, with Uiharu's help in sending the message. Soon everyone rushed to the emergency ships and overwhelmed the guards that were ordered to keep people out of it.

Mikoto and Kuroko is approached by Olive who asked for their help. All the fighter jets of the city is currently occupied fighting the Mixcoatls, but from the opposite side of the island is another stealth force approaching, they even have aquatic capabilities. All the missiles on the island was already destroyed in the last bombardment from the Mixcoatls. Mikoto and Kuroko then teleported towards the location, with Mikoto commenting that Kuroko doesn't get enough exercise from all her teleportation.

After reaching the location, they found a flying giant structure over 100m in length, and made of the same materials as the Mixcoatls - wood, cloth and obsidian. And from the clouds another three descended.

Using Kuroko's teleport, Mikoto engaged the Xiuhcoatls. The Aztecs hit back using flame spells like a net made of fire. Mikoto was teleported underneath one and fired a railgun in point-blank range, taking one of the Xiuhcoatl down.

Saten and Uiharu found that there were more prisoners taken by Olive's people after coming into contact with the remnants of the Mixcoatls, and they decided to stay on the island to try and rescue them instead of leaving on the ships.

Mikoto and Kuroko took down the second Xiuhcoatl with another two Railgun shots, and they teleported to the third one and tried to blow it up. Somehow this one did an emergency stop in midair, so Kuroko and Mikoto was teleported right in front of it instead. This Xiuhcoatl spread its body out like a satellite 200m in diameter, and Mikoto is reminded of a Parabola Antenna. 35,000 Kilometers up in the sky, the true Xiuhcoatl is a magical satellite launched by the Aztecs in ages past. This true Xiuhcoatl fired multiple waves of barrages at Mikoto and Kuroko from orbit, each is a 1km wide scatter shot of energy beams as the snakes down here directed the area of fire. As the remaining Xiuhcoatl out of the four moves towards the city Mikoto urges Kuroko to try and catch up that one - but another Mixcoatl piloted by Xochitl came down on them as they tried to dodge the orbital strikes, and shot them down using blast waves from her artillery. Kuroko and Mikoto crash landed onto the debris from the earlier Xiuhcoatls shot down, and the rest of the Aztec forces moved on.


Mikoto saw the Xiuhcoatls used a water based propulsion system judging from the debris, and she had an idea to try and emulate that. Just using her ability on the seawater to extract hydrogen is not enough, but thanks to the barrages earlier that rained down from orbit seawater evaporated in an wide area. Mikoto can feel her area of influence increased vastly, and she made wings of blue light using a similar technique she use to control iron sands. As with just one pair of wings is unbalanced for Mikoto she made another two pairs to help with steering, and she went to pursue the Aztecs.


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