Chapter 8
Chapter 8
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As Xochitl saw Mikoto caught up to their final Xiuhcoatl that has reached the Liberal Arts City, she thought Mikoto is a monster to be able to strike down three of their ultimate weapons by herself. Mikoto dropped Kuroko off at another building before engaging the last Xiuhcoatl. Xochitl cannot allow Mikoto to defeat their last Xiuhcoatl here so Xochitl went to fight Mikoto herself. As they fought in the air Saten saw their fight and ran towards them, yelling at the top of her voice to make them stop fighting.

Xochitl is pushed back by Mikoto's thunder strikes, iron sand swords and her railguns. Seeing Mikoto is still pursuing them the Aztec forces decided to launch the orbital attack early, even if they're not quite at the designated spot for optimal damage. They plan to destroy as much as they can right now before Mikoto brings their final Xiuhcoatl down, even if Xochitl will be sacrificed.

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Xochitl saw Saten running towards them, and while shocked she tried to fly towards her to save Saten. Mikoto used her Railgun to bring down the Xiuhcoatl, but a large chunk of the debris is about to fall onto Saten. Xochitl gritted her teeth and blew apart the final bit of debris to save Saten, even though there was still a chance of being able to launch the orbital attack with that final piece.

After landing in front of Saten, Xochitl cursed herself for being so foolish to blow up their final hope of completing the objective, all for one naive, foolish girl. Though Saten noticed Xochitl is talking in Japanese and not Aztec language, meaning Xochitl probably didn't mean what she is saying. Mikoto landed after Xochitl and told her she probably did what she did since deep down she believed what they are doing is wrong. If not, then why did she save Saten earlier and even gave them the hints like the emergency ships?

Tecpatl called her using the communication system on the Mixcoatl and gave her new orders - the Mixcoatl fleet is to destroy all 12 evacuation-ships to prevent knowledge from the Aztecs leaking out. His ruthlessness is clear in that he doesn't care about civilian lives lost. Mikoto can no longer fly as the water vapor is no longer enough for her to get airborne, so she cannot go stop the attack. Xochitl decides to go stop Tecpatl, and answer to their elders later and take whatever punishment. Mikoto wanted to come along but Xochitl denied her, saying a rushed cooperation between two forces like this will only pull each other down. Mikoto finally agreed and said if Xochitl is in trouble then come within 50m of the coast, so she can take them down with her railgun. Xochitl asked Mikoto to knock out Saten, and Mikoto obliged with a electric shock.

Xochitl wanted to stop Tecpatl since she doesn't want to see the organisation she belongs to become one relying solely on violence alone, and disregarding human lives. Tochtli joined Xochitl to try and stop the attack, since Xochitl's her friend. The two of them charged right into the other Mixcoatls and a firefight begun. Saten woke up after everything is over, as the Mixcoatls retreated over the horizon. None of the Mixcoatls managed to reach Mikoto's defenses. Saten is sad that Xochitl didn't listen to her and forcibly stopped their conversation that way. Mikoto disagreed, saying Xochitl asked that since if Saten said anymore she's afraid might lose her resolve to help everyone. Mikoto then asked what is Saten planning to say to Xochitl, and Saten told her. Mikoto then laughed, and said she wouldn't blame Xochitl if she hit Saten right then for saying something embarrassing like that. Saten pouted and wondered if what she said is really that bad.

Beverly decides to move to Europe to pursue her work in making movies now that the Liberal Arts City is no more. Also, while on the ships she decided she's better suited for romance movies instead.

The Liberal Arts City is disbanded afterwards, and the field trip ended early for Mikoto's Group. Xochitl and Tochtli ends up about to hear the verdict of their punishment before this novel ends. Tochtli is still casual about everything, much to Xochitl's displeasure.


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