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"Critical" (寿命中断クリティカル Jumyō Chūdan (Kuritikaru)?, lit. "Life Interrupt") is the 2nd episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime series, and the 26th episode of the anime series adaptation of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series. It was first broadcast on April 20, 2013. The script was written by Minikami Seishi, the episode storyboarded by Takayanagi Shigehito, and directed Takashima Daisuke.

Before the "Large-scale Field Trip," Mikoto plans to go shopping. After following Kuroko's suggestion to to use a shortcut to get to the shopping malls, they discover a noticeable increase of pedestrians who use the dark alleyways in the metropolis. Aside from this, envelopes containing cash cards can be found in certain areas. Similar incidents have been occurring around School District 7, and has been increasing as of late according to Konori Mii. Saten Ruiko who has come to know of the rumor takes Mikoto in search of cash cards all day long. As she tries to go home after being exhausted, her ears catches a conversation between the Skill-Outs, telling of an abandoned building where a girl who is responsible for the incidents resides.


A young Misaka Mikoto watches a muscular dystrophy patient undergo physical therapy at a certain hospital in Academy City. Meanwhile, her companion doctor explains about muscular dystrophy and the disheartening reality that it is and incurable and inescapable fate. However, this fact only holds when talking about contemporary medicine. The doctor reveals that her DNA map may hold clues to curing this dreadful disease.

Mikoto, feeling the urge to help out, decides to donate her DNA map for science.

Misaka Mikoto, at the present time, soon wakes up from this distant memory, only to find herself startled at the feel of Shirai Kuroko's lecherous hands at her tummy.

Several minutes later, a disgruntled Mikoto scolds Kuroko for climbing on to her bed for the nth time while on their way to shop for the things the will bring in preparation for a certain large-scale field trip. Kuroko doesn't seem to believe Mikoto's plan for today, as she suspects that Mikoto will again fill her room with cute toys, but Mikoto jokingly responds by considering getting a defense system that would avoid Kuroko from climbing up her bed.

Kuroko, giving up trying to control her "onee-sama" and her shopping habits, decides to lead her to a nearby shortcut using one of many alleyways scattered in the metropolis. However, the two soon discover that the alleyway that can only fit one person seems to be a popular way around the area.

Then, after teleporting past a rather bulky student blocking their way, Kuroko ends up tripping... and discovers a cash card hidden somewhere nearby.

Kuroko and Mikoto head to Judgment to report what they found out and Uiharu soon tells them that lots of students have been finding cash cards like those scattered along narrow hallways throughout Academy City. Kuroko suspects that the cards may have been part of a large-scale counterfeiting operation, but Konori Mii, who just arrived, points out that every single card reported to them is genuine, and holds a certain amount of money ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 yen. Mii comments on how each of those cards is found at a dark alleyway, and is enclosed in a blank envelope.

Mii then dismisses Kuroko's suspicions of this cash card issue as an elaborate prank, but Uiharu comments on how these string of cases would cause "treasure hunters" to actively look for those cash cards, often risking fighting amongst each other or entering Skill-Out territory.

Kuroko thinks that this issue must not be left unchecked and decides to postpone her shopping date with Mikoto, much to Mikoto's relief. Meanwhile, Uiharu takes the chance to scout the area with Kuroko.

Mikoto tries to start her shopping session, but soon notices the the rumors about those cash cards have spread more than she expected. To her shock, even Saten joins those who seek those cash cards. Saten soon reminds Mikoto that she she saw her along Seventh Mist a while ago, but Mikoto dismisses this immediately, telling Saten that she has been at Judgment at that time. Mikoto then asks Saten if she's also looking for the cash cards scattered along the alleyways of Academy City, to which Saten affirms; Saten even shows the five envelopes she found in her search. Saten then decides to take Mikoto in her search for more cash cards.

A tiring afternoon of roaming the alleyways of Academy City after, Saten parts ways with Mikoto, but not until giving Mikoto's share; Mikoto politely refuses, and tells Saten to report them to Judgment instead. Then, Mikoto decides to ask about rumors on the one responsible for this. Saten couldn't give any leads to her, but Mikoto eventually gets what she wants while overhearing a group of thugs who talk about tracking down the girl who has been putting down the cash cards.

As the thugs head towards the girl's whereabouts, Mikoto decides to tail them, but not until contacting Kuroko about it.

That night, Uiharu finishes counting the cases for the day, amounting to 73 cases, while Mii returns from a grocery trip. Meanwhile, Kuroko goes out for some other business. As Mii heads for dinner, Uiharu receives a call from Saten, who reports discovering more cash cards throughout the day before reminding Uiharu to hang out with her and Erii.

Saten then decides to ask about her sighting on someone who looks like Mikoto at noon, right when Mikoto is at Judgment. After Uiharu confirms that Mikoto has been there at that time, this becomes the topic of Mii's conversation with Uiharu. Mii then remembers old rumors about clones of a Level 5. Uiharu thinks that such things aren't impossible for Academy City, and Saten would love to hear those rumors.

Meanwhile, during the nightly rounds of Tokiwadai's Dorm Supervisor, Kuroko comes to cover up for Mikoto, who ends up going out past curfew. For the first time, Kuroko thanks her portable media player which contains records of Mikoto's voice, and comments on how time has passed since she had to cover up for Mikoto like this. Kuroko can't help but feel a bit worried.

The thugs eventually reach their target — the girl who has been putting down cash cards throughout Academy City. After announcing their intent to take all of the cash cards for themselves, they searched for the cash cards from the girl's bag and lab coat, only to find two envelopes. Eventually, the thugs lose their temper and they prepare to perform a more thorough search of the area, undaunted by the possibility that the girl is an esper.

As three of the thugs scour the area for more cash cards, one acts as the girl's lookout. The lookout is already cautious of the girl to begin with, but the sight of the Nagatenjouki school seal on her clothes increases his worries.

Soon, the man's uneasiness becomes apparent, and the girl confronts him about this.

Shortly, a man's scream pierces the composure around the area, and the three other thugs stumble upon their comrade, out cold and sprawled across the floor.

Anxiety of the Nagatenjouki girl's abilities soon creep the remaining thugs, and as they argue about the show of each other's weakness, the girl introduces her ability called Critical — a mysterious ability that will cause death to those who she has touched no matter how far they run. One of the thugs appear unfazed by the girl's ability and prepares a steel pipe to attack. However, the other two are already quivering at the thoughts of being affected by the girl's power.

The two thugs cling to their comrade as the girl had touched them before, while the remaining one prepares his counterattack. However, the girl cuts off the lights...

...and moments later, two more fall victim to the girl's mysterious abilities.

It did not take much time until the last one is consumed by helplessness, by fear, and by death.

Well, not really death, but more of knocked out cold by shock, thanks to a paper pop gun.

Soon, the Nagatenjouki girl is applauded by Misaka Mikoto, who witnessed how she took down the thugs unarmed. However, Mikoto is greeted by a menacing glare by the girl, along with her statement that Misaka Mikoto is the Original.

Major Events

  • Misaka Mikoto meets Nunotaba Shinobu.

Adapted From


By order of appearance

New Characters


New locations

No new locations were introduced during this episode.


New Abilities

  • Critical - Nunotaba Shinobu (Not a real ability)


  • The episode preview summary references the Large-scale field trip, the event that Mikoto and the gang partake in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS: Liberal Arts City.
  • Shinobu's character design removes her trademark fisheyes.
  • Shinobu references AIM Stalker when she makes her bluff of explaining her powers against the thugs.


  • Mikoto references the previous episode where she receives a flashback after watching children go to rehabilitative therapy.
  • Kirugumar as seen back in episode 10 of Toaru Majutsu no Index is show during this episode.
  • The flashback of Mikoto agreeing to give her DNA map from Episode 12 of Toaru Majutsu no Index is not only referenced but expanded on during this episode.

Cultural References

  • Saten has a green slime doll in her room of Dragon Quest fame.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • The entire flasback scene in the beginning is done with a fisheye lens effect.
  • The document that Uiharu's phone is resting on as Saten calls refers to China and the United States' nuclear history and capabilities.


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Unanswered Questions

  • Why did the Shinobu leave those envelopes with cash cards with a random amount of money in back alleys anyway?
  • Who was the Tokiwadai student that Saten mistook for Mikoto?
  • Are the rumors of the Level 5 clones true, and if so, which Level 5?


  • Doctor: "Won't you grant us your DNA map?" —said to a young Misaka Mikoto.
  • Uiharu: "Now, would you please patrol these areas, Shirai-san?" —said to a disappointed Kuroko.
  • Saten: "I'm actually pretty good at sniffing out rumors like this. —said to Mikoto.
  • Kuroko: "Good evening, Dorm Supervisor. Your diligence is an example for us all." —said to the Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor.
  • Kuroko: "Good grief. 'I'll be home past curfew, so trick the dorm supervisor for me.' Thank goodness I had my secret Onee-sama Voice Collection, or I'd have been in real trouble. It's been a while since I've had to do something like this. She used to do this a lot more. Onee-sama..."
  • Shinobu: "There are certain requirements for it. My power is called Critical. It only works on people who I've touched. However, once I've touched them, no matter where they run, they will die." —to the Skill-Outs.
  • Shinobu: "That's right, you shouldn't fight among yourselves." —to the Skill-Outs.
  • Mikoto: "That was an interesing performance. I was going to help you out if things got dangerous, but you dealt with this many Skill-Outs so easily... With nothing buy talking, a dramatic performance, and... What was that, some anesthetic?" —to Shinobu.
  • Shinobu: "So... you're the Original." to Mikoto.


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