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For the Toaru Majutsu no Index episode of the same name, see Toaru Majutsu no Index Episode 11.

"Sisters" (妹達シスターズ Shisutāzu?, lit. "Little Sisters") is the 4th episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime series, and the 28th episode of the anime series adaptation of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series. It was first broadcast on May 03, 2013. The episode's script was written by Sunayama Kurasumi, storyboarded by Muroi Yasuo, and directed Sakurabi Katsushi.

Mikoto has discovered, after much snooping about in a laboratory, that the plan to produce clones of her has been stopped. Seeing that her DNA Map has not been exploited, a serene feeling flows into Mikoto, and decides to go out shopping with Saten and Uiharu.

The girls become more eager as the day of the "large-scale field trip" draws near, Kuroko as a consequence, pulls Mikoto around who is in the height of tension. Uiharu's friends seem a little puzzled as their hearts beat faster at the sight of cute things. Five friends spend their time happily together, focusing on Mikoto who shows an unexpected talent. Passing by in the blink of an eye, the first day of summer vacation.

Behind the scenes of the vast landscape of Academy City, a certain experiment was in progress quietly.


Misaka Mikoto and Shirai Kuroko wait for Saten Ruiko, Uiharu Kazari, and Haruue Erii at a certain vending machine. After observing how unusual Mikoto has been acting, Kuroko suspects that Mikoto is a fake so she decides to test out her theory by briefly describing what her underwear looks likes, only to get shocked by Mikoto.

Saten and company soon arrive just in time and they start talking about the upcoming "large-scale field trip". Coincidentally, Saten, Uiharu, and Haruue are going to be going in the same group as Kuroko and Mikoto, in an artificial island called Liberal Arts City. Eventually, their conversation soon shifts from preparing for the field trip, to the developments in the cash cards case and the possibility that it is a part of something much bigger. Kuroko scolds Saten for believing too much in urban legends and rumors, and the usual banter in Mikoto's ears relieved her a bit.

Soon enough, with Mikoto's lead, everyone goes to Seventh Mist. Mikoto had a quick buy of anything that she might have ran out of, while Saten, Uiharu and Haruue head to the appliance store to buy a new rice cooker. Apparently, Haruue and Uiharu have been eating too much lately so they need a bigger rice cooker to compensate. Mikoto points out an "impressive" rice cooker, but it's a little too expensive, so Mikoto asked one of the store's workers to bring the price down a bit. Mikoto's rather quick haggle surprises the four.

They soon spend some time browsing the different items for sale at the kitchenware section. In their windowshopping session, Mikoto finds a cute bear cookie cutter and suddenly finds the urge to buy it, although she states that they'll be too cute to eat them if she used the cutter.

The five soon head down to the swimsuit department were Haruue tries to look for a swimsuit she likes for the first time. Haruue, as a first-timer, says she can't decide, so Mikoto helps her, but all she shows Haruue are childish swimsuits. Meanwhile, Saten, Uiharu, and Kuroko notice that Mikoto seems quite lively today.

Haruue eventually gets a swimsuit that she likes, and afterwards they get coffee and hang out outside Seventh Mist. Saten soon brings up the topic of were she saw someone that looked liked Mikoto yesterday. Uiharu then remembers hearing about a rumor from Konori about people wanting to clone a Level 5. Mikoto dismisses that rumor as a typical rumor from Academy City, then imagines what would she do if she ever met her own clone.

Soon, Mikoto asks everyone about what they would do when they get a chance to have a clone: Saten plans to use her clone to help her in homework, and Kuroko would use hers to fool the dorm manager when she is away; Uiharu and Erii wanted to use their clones so that they can eat twice as many food, although Saten points out that it would be eating half as much, to the two gluttons' disappointment. Kuroko then returns the question to Mikoto.

Mikoto was unable to give her a prompt answer.

Meanwhile, in a laboratory somewhere in Academy City, a girl who looks like Mikoto — more specifically a clone of hers, emerges from a life pod. Two female scientists prepare this clone using the machine called Testament, allowing the clone who has the knowledge of a newborn to acquire the knowledge appropriate for her age. As a younger-looking scientist questions the efficiency of having clones produced at such a pace and method, the much older one tells her that they are merely following orders.

The five girls soon head back home, with the sunset reminding them that summer vacation is nearing its end and that the summer festival season is fast approaching. Although the four girls have their pessimism about the upcoming season, Mikoto reminds them that summer is not yet over.

A new day starts in Academy city as Mikoto eats her breakfast in Tokiwadai's dormitory near noon time, a few hours later than most of the students. Mikoto talks with Tsuchimikado Maika about how she has nothing to do today since Kuroko and Uiharu have Judgment work and Saten said she's busy too. Mikoto decides to read the latest chapter of a manga at a nearby Green Mart. Soon she finds out that it's almost 3:20 PM.

She spends some time later on a park bench were boredom takes the better of her. To her surprise, she is joined by kids, one of them being the girl whose bag was retrieved by Mikoto some time ago. The kids ask her to to play with them, and they did not take no for an answer. Mikoto soon joins them in a game of "kick the can", and she punishes a certain grade schooler boy for not respecting a senior by using her age and strength to her advantage.

Soon, the bag girl tells Mikoto that one of their playmates, a boy named Nao, is an Electromaster just like Mikoto, although Nao could only make a small spark with the greatest of effort. Mikoto assures Nao that he will do great given enough practice, and she clarifies some facts with the bag girl about how electricity can't be used as an effective communications device. Meanwhile, the topic about connecting with other users reminded Mikoto of the Level Upper, which allows the creation of a makeshift network of espers.

Of course, she thinks that a possibility of a network made out of brainwaves in a certain range is unlikely, though.

Back at the laboratory, after being given the necessary information into her brain, Mikoto's clone, who introduces herself as #9982, speaks for the first time and is given a simple hospital gown as clothing. The younger scientist blushes at the shamelessness of this newest clone, but the older points out that emotions like "shame" are needed to be discarded to avoid further complications... and it is simply impossible to implant emotions into a brain given the current technology.

Several minutes of playing after, Mikoto decides to take a rest. One of her playmates soon takes off her jacket, and Mikoto instantly notices a Gekota pin on her shirt. Mikoto demands where were the girl found the pin, and the kids soon take her to a capsule vendor. Mikoto discovers that the gashapon machine is analog, so she is forced to rely on pure luck to get the Gekota pin that she wants.

Several hundred-yen coins and two baskets filled with capsules after, a distraught Mikoto finds out that there are no Gekota pins inside. The girl decides to offers her badge to Mikoto since she's so desperate in getting one, but gets interrupted by the bag girl telling Mikoto that there's another capsule vendor in front of the station.

Mikoto finally gets a Gekota pin after three baskets filled with capsules, but then questions herself why she got it in the first place. Obviously she couldn't wear it on her clothes, but maybe she could put it on her bag. The kids then take the extra pins with them when a certain bag girl gets a text telling her that she needs to go home.

As Mikoto sees the sun retreat into the horizon, Mikoto wonders what she just spent her day in.

Mikoto takes them to the bus stop, but on the way there she senses something. After she gets the kids on the bus she felt as if her own power was being directed at herself. Although still in disbelief, she goes back to the spot in which she sensed it and sees someone that looks exactly like her.

A clone. A clone who is pushed into the outside world after being created, and being shown a possibility that she would see the "Original". Later, the two scientists take her down a corridor, believing that she needs clothes before the training. However, they come upon a large room with a window on it. There, they ask her a question that does not light any sort of emotion in her eyes: clean up the mess of corpses of people with the same face as her.

Major Events

  • Misaka Mikoto meets a clone, Misaka 9982, for the first time and confirms her worst fears.
  • At the very end of the episode, after the ending sequence, Misaka 9982 is asked by the researchers to clean a blood-stained room full of dead clones who had fought in a test experiment against each other.
  • Accelerator is shown in the next episode preview and we see footage from the battle scene between Misaka 9982 and Accelerator in the next episode preview as well.

Adapted From


New Characters


New locations


New Abilities

No new abilities were introduced during the episode.


  • The "Large-scale field trip" is once again referenced during this episode.
  • Level Upper and the brainwave network is referenced during this episode.


  • The conversation regarding Uiharu and Erii requiring a new rice cooker from the previous episode, is expanded upon during this episode.
  • Saten references her seeing a clone back in episode 2 during this episode 2.
  • Uiharu references the rumors of clones of a Level 5 that Konori Mii talked to her about back in episode 2.

Cultural References

  • Dengeki Daioh, the magazine where the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga is featured is in this episode. The last time this occurred was on episode 4 of the first season. The magazine featured is from the August 2012 issue released on June 2012. The cover features Yukina Himeragi from Strike the Blood fame, an advertisement of a Kuroyukihime (from Accel World fame) figure, and prominently featured on the cover is Chigira Chiaki of the spin-off series of Accel World, Accel World / Dural: Magisa Garden. The back cover features advertisements for cards of Yu-gi-oh fame.
  • Vessels where they drink in front to Seven Mist is a reference to Starbucks but bear the image of Gekota called Beard Frog (in spite of the fact that the frog is only mustachioed).
  • One of the badges Misaka receives from the capsule machine features Rinon from the anime series Ano Natsu de Matteru which was also produced by J.C.Staff.

Differences in Adaptation

Animation Trivia

  • Despite two seasons of Toaru Majutsu no Index the eyes of Misaka 9982 are different from the eyes of the clones that appeared in previous adaptations.
  • Scenes from episode 6 of the first season are reused to reintroduce Kana to the audience.


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Unanswered Questions

  • What was Mikoto's answer to Kuroko's question on what she'll do if she had clones?
  • Tree Diagram predicted that the Sisters cannot reach Level 5, then what is the use of the clones now?


  • Kuroko: "This is the first time I've seen her acting so creepy..."—regarding Mikoto's unusual demeanor.
  • Boy: "Don't argue. Those are the eyes of a madman."—to another boy regarding Mikoto's obsession with getting the Gekota badge.
  • Children: "Seriously. Thank goodness."—after Mikoto finally gets the Gekota badge.
  • Mikoto: "Well, I guess I can finally— Wait, what was I going to do with this again? Has your collector spirit ever fired up, making you go on a mindless rampage to get everything related to something you really like? I can't wear it on my clothes like her. Even I know that. I can almost see the pitiful looks on Kuroko's face if I did. This again? But maybe it'd be okay on my bag? Maybe?"
  • Mikoto: "What was that sensation earlier? A power similar to mine... Rather, it felt as if someone pointed my own power at me from the outside."—Mikoto, upon sensing a power similar to her own.
  • Yumi: "You can think of her as your Onee-sama."—to Misaka 9982, as a reply to her question.


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