"I Want To Be Onee-sama's Power" (お姉さまの力になりたいですの Onē-sama no Chikara ni Naritai desu no?) is the 7th episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S anime series, and the 31st episode of the anime series adaptation of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series. It was first broadcast on May 24, 2013. The script was written by Yamada Yasunori, storyboarded by Takayanagai Shigehito, and directed by Hatano Kouhei. The animation was directed by Ushijima Yuiji and Matsumoto Fumio.

"Sisters" dying left and right for the sake of the "experiment." The figures have accepted their fate that they are to be killed. Above all, it was because of her actions in the past are what gave birth to these experiments, makes Mikoto feel a deep guilt. And in one opportunity, she once again meets Shinobu, and here, tells of her plan to challenge the research facilities involved in the experiment on her own.

Through the use of cyberterrorism, and sneaking into the facility directly, Mikoto deals one terrible blow after another. On the other side of this cold battlefield, Kuroko begins to worry about Mikoto's state. Although she feels utter powerlessness with Mikoto's silence, she hears of reports of suspicious successive fires among research facilities, and goes out on patrol. She later meets up with children who ends up finding a "Good Luck Card."


Academy City is under attack.

Several laboratories, including the Shinasame University DNA Map Analysis Laboratory and a psychiatry lab at District 12 are now in flames, causing the monitoring teams of the former to be roused amidst this chaos. Keitz Nokleben, the man-in-charge, however, calmly assesses the situation, and immediately orders all external communication lines to be cut off upon finding out that the terrorist is attacking using those communication lines.

The terrorist, which is also known as the Railgun, Misaka Mikoto, sighs in disappointment when she finds out that she could no longer access the laboratories. However, she is pleased enough at her progress, being able to shut down 70% of her targets. What's left for Mikoto to do is to take the rest down personally.

As Mikoto changes into civilian attire and leaps into battle, her friend Kuroko could only look at her roommate's bed with worry.

  • Mikoto exhausted after a night long struggle.
  • Kuroko overjoyed by Mikoto in their room.
  • Uiharu tries to cheer Kuroko up.
  • Kuroko recalls of fonder times.
  • A gaggle of girls and a suspicious money card.
  • Lucky Card!
  • Even in these times, Saten's habit still do not recede.

Mikoto spent the rest of the day taking down how many laboratories she could handle without even a wink of rest, and she tries to psyche herself up in spite of the fatigue setting in, reminding herself that there may be an "experiment" going on as she speaks. Soon, upon hearing Kuroko's voice, Mikoto hides everything she did that day under her teddy bear's bandages and decides to go out again, politely refusing Kuroko's invitation to eat some high-class jelly buns.

Once again, Kuroko was helpless in keeping her friend from leaving.

Kuroko decides to bring the sweets she bought for Mikoto to Judgment. Although Saten and Uiharu knew that the sweets were supposed to be for Mikoto, Kuroko assures them that it is okay to try some out. Soon enough, Saten and Uiharu are joined by Konori Mii, and with Uiharu pulling Kuroko away from her tedious work, the five enjoy their snacks.

The news of mysterious fires happening in laboratories in Academy City still remained a topic between Kuroko and Mii. What Mii finds weird in the incidents is the fact that Judgment wasn't informed of this situation. Kuroko decides to go on patrol in an attempt to gather more information and moves out after eating her jelly buns, leaving her colleagues perplexed.

It looks as if Kuroko still can't help but worry over Mikoto's current situation.

Soon, Kuroko sees a group of three kids looking at what looks like a cash card. The kids, including a girl named Minori, tells Kuroko that they are looking for "lucky cards", or cash cards that have two of the same number in the card's serial number, and they are aiming for a "lucky card" that has three sevens on it. Kuroko finds out that this is another urban legend that stemmed out from the cash card incidents earlier.

As someone from Judgment would do in this situation, Kuroko decides to acquire the cash card as a lost item and asks the girls to return to their dormitories. Although two of the girls quickly complied, Minori takes a good look at the alleyway with sadness in her eyes before catching up to her friends.

At the end of the day, Kuroko continues to be overly serious about her Judgment work, investigating about the "Lucky Cards" even while on her way to the dormitories. Meanwhile, companions Saten and Uiharu wonder about what they would do if they find one, a question which they later pass to Kuroko.

Kuroko seems interested to answer, but quickly shrugs it off as a mere urban legend.

Meanwhile, reports of another incident regarding terrorist attacks on laboratories in Academy City reaches Keitz Nokleben, involving a direct infiltration unlike the previous cases. According to the report, all of the equipment and data were taken out, and there were no signs of the culprit in the facility's security equipment.

In the report as well are the sightings of wind turbines near the laboratory turning in the opposite direction.

Keitz was quick to deduce that there's only one person who can do this, and while he mentions that they, the scientists, have no power to oppose this threat, there may be other choices.

This threat is currently taking her rest at Tokiwadai's dormitory, accompanied by Kuroko at their room. While Kuroko is relieved to find Mikoto sleeping in her bed, she is taken aback when she sees the fatigue in her expression, as if she went through hard times. At that moment, Kuroko remembers the question she received from Saten: "If there was a card that granted wishes, what would you do?"

As Kuroko drapes a blanket over Mikoto, she reveals what she wanted to do in such a scenario—

"I want to help Onee-sama."

  • Mikoto faces terrors in the waking and dreaming world.
  • Kuroko determined to do her best.
  • Kuroko scolds Minori.
  • Minori gives her story to Kuroko.

The next morning, Kuroko wakes up alone once again. However, instead of sulking over this loneliness, Kuroko prepares to do her share for Mikoto's sake.

In her routine patrols across District 7, Kuroko once again meets Minori, and while taking a rest in a nearby park, Minori reveals that she actually wanted to give a "lucky card" to her friend as a present. Kuroko proceeds to scold her for risking her life for such a gift, but Minori points out that she would not be able to see her friend again due to moving out. Her determination to do something for her friend reminds Kuroko of her memories with Mikoto.

Soon, Kuroko and Minori are joined by Saten and Uiharu, who are also looking for cash cards as well, and the four begin their search for those "lucky cards".

With Saten's cue, Minori tries to "sniff out" the cash cards from an alleyway, while Uiharu voices her surprise for seeing Kuroko help out in the search. Of course, Kuroko refuses to admit this, and explains her involvement under the notion that it is part of Judgment work.

Meanwhile, Mii sees Uiharu and Kuroko and asks about what is going on. Upon finding out that situation with those cash cards, Mii reminds the two that they cannot hand out the cash cards to other people due to Judgment protocol. However, she decides to give a better alternative.

  • The goes onwards to the fields we know.
  • A butterfly goes back to the freedom of the skyway.
  • ...But not alone.
  • Good luck for the home Mikoto can always return to.

Mii takes the girls to the riverside where they will instead look for four leaf clovers. As they spent the afternoon looking for that rarity amongst clovers, Saten, Uiharu and Kuroko find out that looking for one is not as easy as it sounds. Soon, as Saten sets free a butterfly, which is quickly accompanied by another, Kuroko wonders if it is possible for two persons to understand each other's feelings even without words.

Uiharu assures Kuroko that Mikoto appreciates the little things Kuroko does for her sake. Saten echoes her sentiments as well. In response, Kuroko turns around and crouches on the grassy riverside. Uiharu and Saten quickly become worried that they made Kuroko cry, but Kuroko actually found a four leaf clover where she stands. Unfortunately, Minori got a bunch of them not too far away.

Nonetheless, Kuroko is happy about how the day unfolded.

Back at the dormitory, Kuroko catches Mikoto preparing to head off again. She then takes this chance to say "take care" to her, to which Mikoto replies with "see you soon"... followed by "Thanks".

Although Kuroko continues to worry over her Onee-sama, she gets her peace of mind upon looking at the four leaf clover that she got that day. And Kuroko vows that she will be there when she comes home.

For now, Mikoto marches into yet another facility she lays waste on, leaving just two more ripe for the taking!

Major EventsEdit

  • Misaka Mikoto begins her reign of terror against the research facilities involved with the Level 6 Shift.

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No new abilities were introduced during this episode.


  • The blond scientist that acts as the security supervisor for the Level 6 Shift in the original manga is finally named during this episode as Keitz Nokleben.


  • The bridge appearing at the end of the episode is the same bridge that appears at the end of the first one.
  • The episode features how the files regarding the Level 6 Shift and the facilities Mikoto attacks are found in Kirugumar back in episode 11 of the first Toaru Majutsu no Index season.

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No notable cultural references are used during this episode.

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Animation TriviaEdit

  • The typing animation used for Konori Mii during the girls' investigation of the Level Upper back in episode 10 of the first season is reused for Kuroko here.
  • The cleaning robot that sweeps the streets before the scene cuts into the recurring alleyway is reused three times in the episode.
  • Scenes from episode 10, 16, 24 from the first season is used for Kuroko's flashback sequence.


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Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • Does Keitz actually know who's attacking the facilities?
  • What does he mean that "they" don't have the means to stop the attacks?


  • Kuroko: "It's obvious that you're shouldering some great burden. But... you won't ask for my help, will you?"
  • Keitz Nokleben: ""We" have no means."—said to his subordinate.
  • Saten: "Those who believe shall be saved. Don't forget that seeing is believing!"—said to Minori.
  • Saten: "Happiness might be harder to find than we think."
  • Kuroko: "Must be nice. If only we could understand each other's feelings without words like those butterflies do."
  • Kuroko: "I'll be here... when you come home. Onee-sama."


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